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French marshal in the Napoleonic Wars (1769-1815)

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Ney is a leading independent distributor of woodworking machines and woodworking materials, supplying manufacturers of furniture.
Ney added: "Only my family, my best friend and former partner knew.
and the first crews arrived four minutes later to find flames showing from the main floor windows, Ney said.
Ney admitted that he engaged in a conspiracy begin ning in approximately 2000 and continuing through April 2004, wherein he corruptly solicited and accepted a stream of things of value from disgraced lobbyist Jack Abramoff, Abramoff's lobbyists and a foreign businessperson, in exchange for agreeing to take and taking official action to benefit Abramoff, his clients and the foreign businessperson.
RO05 NEY will soon be available and some of these number plates can change hands for hundreds of thousands of pounds.
Former Ney Metals Vice President Ron Mayer retains that title with Belmont Metals and former Ney Metals General Manager Herbert J.
Phillip Ney, have lectured and published widely on issues of medical ethics.
Peter Jones, 32, was jailed at Chester Crown Court in August 2002, after pleading guilty to the manslaughter of 46-year-oldBill Ney.
Ney Award for food excellence and the 2001 Admiral Flatley Memorial Award for safety.
Businessman Bill Ney never regained consciousness following the unprovoked attack on September 1 last year, and he died four days later in hospital.
Robert Ney (B-Ohio) and CBC member Albert Wynn (D-Md.
Ney Thol, head of the military court, told reporters Gen.
It is also the name that French photographer Kader Attia has given to his color-slide installation about the lives of these several hundred "creatures" (as they call themselves) who have left Algeria under threat of murder, made their way clandestinely into France, and, for lack of working papers, "landed" on the sidewalks of the boulevard Ney in their wigs, miniskirts, and spike heels.
The merged companies would offer small-business products at first, including business liability, business property, workers' compensation and umbrella liability insurance, said Robert Ney, InsureZone chief executive officer.
Prior to that, Ney held executive positions with mainframe maker Amdahl Corp and the database companies Ingres and Oracle Corp.