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English mathematician and physicist

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The first question can be resolved noting that the "secant" slope [mu] is equivalent to the Newtonian viscosity in that it is the ratio of [tau] to du/dy.
Metzner and Reed also introduced in a generalized Reynolds number an equivalent Newtonian viscosity defined as that giving the same wall shear stress and pressure gradient as the nonNewtonian liquid.
where instead of the consistency index (m) the Newtonian viscosity ([mu]) is used when n = 1 and [U.
If the coating liquid is of Newtonian viscosity that limit is given as m = 0.
1] is the limiting Newtonian viscosity at low shear rates and [[micro].
3] > 0 Newtonian viscosity [mu] M/Lt > 0 Radius of curvature of R L > 0 cylindrical deforming sheet Rate of deformation [[DELTA].
Besides, [DELTA]T/T increases linearly with an increase in the logarithm of the ratio of irreversible strain rates after and before a step change, which means the viscous load component changes in a nonlinear manner with the changes in the strain rate, unlike the Newtonian viscosity.
t] is the relaxation time and [mu] is the Newtonian viscosity.
Generally speaking, in this kind of plot, G' is as high as higher the Newtonian viscosity and the shear thinning are.
The increased Newtonian viscosity (and consequently the increased zero shear viscosity) with respect to the amount of TGIC indicate increased MW; the existence of the onset of shear thinning is also an evidence of the broader MWD of the modified PBT [25].
E] the Newtonian viscosity, and D the rate of strain tensor.
It is instructive to examine the differences between the constant Newtonian viscosity curves and the experimental data for each polymer.