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reflecting telescope in which the image is viewed through an eyepiece perpendicular to main axis

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Even without any remedial countermeasures, most Newtonian telescopes will occasionally perform superbly.
The Baader unit does not lend itself to small Newtonian telescopes, but with its special low-profile diagonal it works well on Schmidt-Cassegrains and most refractors, providing a wider choice of magnifications than with the Tele Vue.
Within a year he turned out a hundred well-made 512-inch Newtonian telescopes, all with first-class optics ground and polished by hand.
He uses the Newtonian telescopes that he builds and sells (www.
Thermal problems in Newtonian telescopes are a little like growing old -- they're an unpleasant fact of life and one we would rather not dwell on too much.
Newtonian telescopes, especially those with short focal lengths and fast f/ratios, must have their optics precisely aligned to deliver optimum views.
While this is also an issue for Newtonian telescopes, observers with Celestron and Meade Schmidt-Cassegrains will not have to worry because of these scopes' wide range of adjustment.
Once the three-volume set was in hand, he decided that he wanted a short BASIC program to help him find the variable stars he routinely monitors using two homemade 8-inch Newtonian telescopes.
Most Newtonian telescopes have openings at the focuser's base.
Early afternoon featured a packed lecture theater for S&T associate editor Gary Seronik's talk on how to optimize a Newtonian telescope for planetary and deep-sky viewing.