Newtonian reflector

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reflecting telescope in which the image is viewed through an eyepiece perpendicular to main axis

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The simple Newtonian reflector optical design, red-dot finderscope, and altazimuth mount on full-height stainless-steel tripod make it easy to navigate the night sky.
Four telescopes have been used to observe V1413 Aql during this time: a 40cm f5 Newtonian reflector, a 45cm F4.
The Centre has two telescopes--an 11-inch Dobsonian donated by Dudley Field and a 13-inch equatorially fork mounted Newtonian reflector built and donated by club member Steve Kleyn.
His wife Sue bought him a four-inch Newtonian Reflector telescope and the family moved from the Wirral to North Wales in search of ``clearer skies''.
Monthly observation evenings are held utilising a 10-inch Newtonian reflector and timing equipment for occupations (kindly on loan from Mrs Magda Streicher).
To my mind using a GOTO telescope for the Marathon is a bit like cheating--and in fact you may be more likely to complete a marathon with a manual Dobsonian Newtonian reflector, as the slewing time will be much quicker, and you won't run out of batteries over the night.
Farm Marischel, George: 200 mm Newtonian Reflector f/6 telescope and Pentax K110D camera, used for both Moon and Mars parallax calculations.
Mike Harlow obtained his image during re-commissioning tests for his 340mm f/4 Newtonian reflector at his observatory in Bucklesham, Ipswich in 2008 September.