Newtonian mechanics

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the branch of mechanics based on Newton's laws of motion

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So, as Flyvbjerg rightly points out, most sciences are not deductively rigorous, like Newtonian mechanics.
Alan Gabbey discusses mechanics and warns that there is more to the story of mechanical science than is found in tracking the prehistory of Newtonian mechanics.
Even in Newtonian mechanics, a nonlinear system displays chaotic behavior only under certain conditions.
Though science can enrich our lives we can live without knowledge of Newtonian mechanics, cell theory and DNA.
For example, Newtonian mechanics is acceptable for cases where the following conditions hold: the velocity is much smaller than the speed of light, the classical limit of quantum mechanics holds, and the force can be calculated in terms of position, time and velocity.
Romanticism spills out of the arts and into other areas: into science, though not into Newtonian mechanics (as with Kant and Spinoza) but, rather, into a more organic view of nature.
They cover differential equations and their solutions, linear differential equations, second-order ordinary differential equations and the calculus of variations, Newtonian mechanics, and numerical methods.
Metaphysicians and philosophers of science have devoted many a paper to the seemingly irreconcilable discontinuity between the classical and the quantum worlds, between Newtonian mechanics and quantum mechanics.
The dawn of the 21st century revealed the error of thinking that language change was regulated by laws like those of Newtonian mechanics, and the 12 papers re-examine some traditional issues from the perspective of chaos theory and similar approaches.
Psi is certainly incompatible with the old scientific worldview, based on Newtonian mechanics and behaviorist psychology.