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a short film and commentary about current events

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The footage was retrieved by CFPU cinematographer Gordon Petty and with stoic resolve was dutifully included in Canadian Army Newsreels No.
We could hardly wait until the following Saturday morning when we could see the action on a newsreel at the Workmen's Hall.
Today, Tyneside Cinema is the only purpose-built newsreel theatre in the UK still operating as a cinema.
Constructions of Cultural Identities in Newsreel Cinema and Television After 1945
The scenes were so shocking that St John Ambulance volunteers were standing by to assist those who were overcome by the horror showed in the newsreels, and in the cinema the sound of people sobbing could be heard.
The tribunal then sought all newspaper clippings, footage and newsreels of the incident from Secretary Information, Punjab.
The formative years of newsreels coincided with a period of profound political and cultural change in Ireland as the issue of Home Rule reached fever pitch.
15) Generally covering current events, each release of the early newsreels offered a variety of nonfiction stories.
Nazis might be verboten in other newsreels, but not in The March of Time.
In this study of how Irishness was constructed for audiences during a tumultuous period in Irish history, Chambers (film studies, University of Ulster, UK) analyzes positive and negative portrayals of Ireland in newsreels and shows how newsreel producers were manipulated by both the Irish and British governments.
This includes guided tours of the cinema, a special talk about newsreels and news theatres by Dr Louise Anderson of Newcastle University, and screenings of locally made films from Amber Films and the Northern Region Film and Television Archive.
Newsreels were what brought film footage of current events to Americans in the pre-television age.
One of the largest archives in Russia: it has over 10,000 newsreels, 7,000 documentaries, 200 feature films and fifty animated films.
NARA's entire Universal Newsreels collection encompasses events from 1929 through 1967.
Only after my son decided to dedicate himself to research did we realize that I was documented in Nazi propaganda ads and Nazi press and Nazi newsreels where the photographs appearing in the book were taken from.