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NextRadio app users can opt-in to emergency alerts that will show up in their Newsfeed.
displays of weren't bad now see them in digital on my newsfeed Talk about feeling pooped - in more ways than one.
But how relevant is all that data to my newsfeed and my friends?
Social content can appear in one's newsfeed organically or in a paid manner.
Facebook Inc took a first step on Tuesday toward selling video ads that play automatically in newsfeeds, moving cautiously to unlock a source of revenue that could annoy users.
Facebook added the newsfeed feature, the first of many updates that would prompt criticisms over privacy from its users.
It was the Web company's latest effort to refine the newsfeed ads that have become more important to its business.
After years of struggling to devise a business model that pleases advertisers and the all-important users, the company has introduced a strategy for monetizing the dynamic social interactions that occur at the heart of the platform--in the newsfeed (this is something I urged the company to do in a piece published in MediaPost back in 2010).
Promoting a post on your Facebook page increases the percentage of people who will see the post, and keeps it at the top of the newsfeed.
The Tweets making their way into your Yahoo Newsfeed will come various sources such as sports, movies, music, business and any other topic of news you could possibly think of.
Dubai - Facebook is set to launch a brand new look for the popular social medium's newsfeed on Thursday the 7th of March, in yet another move that promises to change the user's experience of the one-billion-member social network.
Until now the newsfeed had been free of paid marketing messages.
The Really Simple Syndication (RSS) newsfeed is used as the vehicle to teach students how to develop a client-side application to consume a Web Service.
Other Facebook OnSite features enable retailers and brands to: group together and show the history of reviews written by a single Facebook user; offer a[euro]Comment on Facebooka[euro](tm) links after each review on the their product page; and post all review comments to a usera[euro](tm)s Facebook newsfeed.
HealthDay daily newsfeeds will replace the current Reuters newsfeed.