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a program devoted to current events, often using interviews and commentary

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for segments in the News Programme with text shown, or under the circumstances where the provision of signing service is not feasible due to technical constraints (Note 2), provision of sign language interpretation is not required;
It would also offer a fresh perspective as the only major Welsh news programme to be shown late at night.
He returned last year when the news programme was relaunched - bringing back the famous Big Ben bongs.
Grainne Seoige and Joe O'Shea would be perfect to move from the afternoon to a news programme in the mornings.
It found 'clear and compelling' evidence that the introduction of the Nightly News programme in March 1999 had led to a significant slump in viewing figures, and deemed 'wholly unconvincing' ITV's argument that it was too soon to judge the programme's success.
As well as her one night a week on screen, Anne is currently a co-presenter of the BBC's Good Morning Scotland news programme.
The international news programme 'BBC Dunia' will provide native BBC stories in Hindi, with a target on global content that resonates with the Indian people.
The half hour news programme Newyddion will be shown at 9.
Last September ITV unveiled plans for one regional news programme covering the West and East Midlands as part of a national network streamlining policy.
Currently, there is no news programme especially for people with learning disabilities.
Ms Evans said: "The BBC has a long tradition of producing high quality news programmes especially targeted at children.
ITV Wales will next week abandon the use of sign language on its flagship news programme Wales Tonight The decision to scrap the use of British Sign Language (BSL) during the headlines sequence was yesterday condemned by campaigners.
Granada was one of the first companies to move into the refurbished Albert Dock in May 1988 where the former Dock Traffic House became home of the relaunched Granada Tonight evening news programme.
This experience led him to become one of the main presenters on the BBC Wales flagship regional news programme Wales Today.
Mr Morgan suggests that both Wales and Scotland introduce a new news programme.