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a short film and commentary about current events

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Long, manager of the Rialto Theatre in Edmonton, has had the profound conviction that there was a place in Canadian motion picture theatres for a news reel produced by Canadians for Canadians.
Tenders are invited for Restore Images Digitally from Old 35mm film rolls of News reels and Documentaries.
He had to bring the news reel over to our cinema because the two venues shared it and we only ever said hello to one another.
The former shows a news reel camera on its tripod and the latter a view of the Rep's frontage on Centenary Square.
An early career highlight came when he played a news reel camera man in Newsfront, the Phillip Noyce-directed movie about the media and politics in Australia in the 1950s.
We are taken back to Blitz-time London, the opening moments using Pathe news reel to set the scene with full glorious surround sound - a first for Bourne's New Adventures company, but a trick that works terrifically throughout.
LISTENING to George Haigh is like watching a Pathe news reel and suddenly seeing it burst into colour.
Instead of a live orchestra, the score is presented in surround-sound to evoke a cinematic atmosphere and period news reel footage is used to provide context.
A report to the council's development control committee, which meets on Friday, recommends allowing the expansion of the building, which first opened as a news reel cinema in 1936.
Original news reel footage from Dunkirk was continually inserted into this dramatisation which was a constant reminder that this was no glitzy Hollywood blockbuster but a real story of real men.
Because no documentary or news reel footage exists of this encounter the programme- makers had to reconstruct the events.
In addition, Pepcom sponsors will be able to get Video News Reel coverage at the events, which will feature on the scene interviews, product shots and information, and much more.
The black and white Pathe News reel shows the Queen Mother back in 1957 at the Dunlop factory in Speke.
DIXIE DEAN boasted dashing film star looks and was a silver screen idol of his day, courtesy of Pathe news reel clips.