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the operation that prepares for the next character to be printed or displayed on the next line

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The first of the three stores, Newline Plumbing and Heating Supplies ("Newline"), is based in Kingswinford.
distributor and will work closely with Newline Interactive to bring the
Recognized for most comprehensive use of Rosetta product, this project was submitted by East Coast producer NewLine Hardscapes in Doswell, Va.
n-gram parser has been used to read a source text file, splits it to sentences based on newline, and reads the number of grams in the combination with the result of the compression unit.
Reserves: Ciara Daulie (M), Coologue Sea Hag (M), Druids Gloria, Get On Ameera, Newline Miss (M), Quann's Gull (M), Suncroft Rosie, Swift Trott, Tenerife Reina, Wheatcross Paddy (M), Witton Ronaldo (M).
Canada, FOOD freshly, innovator in shelf-life extension solutions, will present the company's newline of Freshness Retainer products at this year's Canadian Produce Marketing Association from 15th to the 17th of April in Montreal, Canada.
The capital of Arunachal Pradesh would soon be on trial map in this financial year, as Harmuti-Naharlagun newline is expected to be commissioned shortly," Kharge said.
Newline Group has selected Synergy from Eurobase Insurance Solutions as its new underwriting and claims platform.
The 66-year-old victim was a passenger in one of the vehicles on the Newline Road at Pembroke Hill Roundabout in Kileens, Wexford, at around 3.45pm on Friday.
In an interview with Jim Middleton of the Australian Broadcasting Corporations Newline programme, the Prime Minister said the two countries were working as partners for the common goal to fight extremism and terrorism.
The system has been used worldwide by companies such as Nike, Reebok, Peugeot, Disney, EMI Newline Cinema and GB Posters.
The hetero relationships in this movie, which is based on a badly written dating advice book, are so dreadful that if being gay really were a choice, this movie would lead me to wonder why some women chose to remain straight, (
ONE of Britain's largest cider makerswill set up a newline at its plant in Birmingham, after demand for the drink shot up.
"We must also ensure those 500ormore volunteers who have worked so hard on the construction of the newline continue to participate in the running of the railway once it is open.
8.35pm: 11-10 Mucky Tony, 9-2 Compass Danny, Newline Honey, 5 Shakira Live, Springwood Line, 6 Broadstrand Boy.