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A native ofIndia, Dave grew up in northern NewJersey. He splits his residence between the New York metro area and Boston.
We liked Newjersey a lot because of the sophistication and knowledge of many of their customers when comes to adult beverages.
Stennis (CVN 74); USS Chandler (DDG 996); and USS Newjersey (BB 62).
The Philadelphia Bulletin reported on October 6, 1973, that a United States District Court in Newark, NewJersey, asked that NewJersey election officials provide Spanish translations on ballots.
Biostratigraphic study of Miocene Ostracoda of Newjersey, Muryland and Virginia.
Studies in Land and Credit in Ancient Athens, 500-200BC: the 'horos' inscriptions, NewJersey, New Brunswick, 1952.
Defining forest fragmentations by corridor width: the influence of narrow forest-dividing corridors on forest-nesting birds in southern NewJersey. Conservation Biology 8:1109-1121.
Bulova Technologies Machinery LLC's headquarters is located in Tampa, Florida, with facilities in Sanford, Florida and Branchburg, NewJersey. Bulova Technologies Machinery LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary ofBulova Technologies Group, Inc.
The results demonstrate that our mechanism achieves more than 86%, 72%, and 40% throughput improvement over TCP NewReno, DAC and TCP NewJersey, respectively, in a co-existed network which contains the loss of normal packets and the loss of fast retransmitted packets.
Princeton, NewJersey: Princeton University Press; 1991.
A study produced by the Center for International Scholarship in School Libraries and released in 2012 by the New Jersey Association of School Librarians discovered New Jersey school libraries and librarians positively contribute to a school's intellectual life, and the development of students who can function in complex and increasingly digital information environments, according to a article.
Even before it made landfall in NewJersey, crashing waves claimed anold 50ft piece of Atlantic City's worldfamous Boardwalk.