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a breed of very large heavy dogs with a thick coarse usually black coat

an island in the north Atlantic

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As transplanted Toronto police officer Gary Mackenzie observes, Newfoundlanders are "inordinately pleased with themselves.
In recognition of the place that battle holds in the culture of Newfoundland and Labrador, and marking its 100th anniversary, Opera on the Avalon has commissioned a new work by composer John Estacio and librettist Robert Chafe, a Newfoundlander himself Ours doesn't try to recount the Beaumont-Hamel battle itself, but is built around the story of the regiments Catholic chaplain, Thomas Nangle (the role to be created by baritone Brett Polegato).
And at All Saints, Neufeld said, there are many Newfoundlanders who are active in the parish.
The rest of the world says Newfoundlanders seem Irish, the rest of Canada says Newfoundland is just a province, many say that Newfoundland is just a bunch of white people, but Newfoundlanders say that Newfoundlanders are just Newfoundlanders and that is more than enough.
With a broad theoretical underpinning informed by Marxist geography and critical labour history, and geared toward an anthropology of labour, she spent approximately twelve months in the oil sands region as an active participant in the daily lives of a small group of Newfoundlanders, most of whom had come to Fort McMurray between 1977 and 1985.
MH: Has this impression of helplessness in the face of wilderness been effectively counteracted by the way Newfoundlanders have lived?
At first glance, I gained an appreciation for why Newfoundlanders call their island the "rock.
In attempting to explain the story of Fort McMurray and the role of Newfoundlanders in northern Alberta, I embrace a critical regionalist model--a theory and approach to understanding the negotiation of local and larger than local using ethnographic data in combination with critical theory.
Rogers is reportedly the first carrier to bring the LTE network's wireless speeds to Newfoundlanders in Canada.
There is a refreshing generosity about the Newfoundlanders.
With the annual rush of cod during the summer months coming to the coast in pursuit of capelin, many Newfoundlanders had no need to venture into the deep ocean.
And one unexpected side effect of TV's belated arrival is that Newfoundlanders hold a deep and confounding love of Coronation Street.
Mr Foster, of Lime Tree Avenue, sent in these photos and said: "The photographs depict the Monument to the Canadian dead who fell in their thousands in the battle for Vimy Ridge and also that of the Newfoundlanders showing a caribou supposedly chosen because the animal was always known to turn and face its enemy.
Elites supported the railway because it provided them with a way of living according to standards of Britishness that became important to Newfoundlanders and others in "white" settler dominions, especially after the mid-19th century.