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a breed of very large heavy dogs with a thick coarse usually black coat

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Newfoundland dogs are pretty mild looking, you know; what's the matter with this one?
The gate was opened by one of the rosy maids, and on the lawn were the Newfoundland dog and the man.
When I came to the stile, I stopped a minute, looked round and listened, with an idea that a horse's hoofs might ring on the causeway again, and that a rider in a cloak, and a Gytrash-like Newfoundland dog, might be again apparent: I saw only the hedge and a pollard willow before me, rising up still and straight to meet the moonbeams; I heard only the faintest waft of wind roaming fitful among the trees round Thornfield, a mile distant; and when I glanced down in the direction of the murmur, my eye, traversing the hall-front, caught a light kindling in a window: it reminded me that I was late, and I hurried on.
Vanstone as boisterously round the neck as if he belonged to some larger order of Newfoundland dog, and was made to be romped with at his daughter's convenience.
I have hunted silvertips in the White Mountains of Arizona and thought them quite the largest and most formidable of big game; but from the appearance of the head of this awful creature I judged that the largest grizzly I had ever seen would shrink by comparison to the dimensions of a Newfoundland dog.
I can find you a Newfoundland dog that will do as much.
This woman had a way of tyrannizing over Major Dobbin (for the weakest of all people will domineer over somebody), and she ordered him about, and patted him, and made him fetch and carry just as if he was a great Newfoundland dog.
Another man might object to perpetual Newfoundland fogs, perpetual Newfoundland cod-fish, and perpetual Newfoundland dogs.
Then I heard the anguished bellow of a Himalayan cow-one of the little black crummies no bigger than Newfoundland dogs.
Which English Romantic Poet had a Newfoundland dog named Boatswain?
For example, Margaret O'Brien's Star's Island (2010) features a Newfoundland pony (Star) and a seagull (Cordell), Nancy Keating and Laurel Keating's Find Scruncheon and Touton: All Around Newfoundland (2011) centres on a Newfoundland dog (Scruncheon) and a Labrador retriever (Touton), and Gina Noordhof's A Puffin Playing by the Sea (2014), a charming reworking of "The Twelve Days of Christmas," showcases several of the province's animals, as well as other aspects of our heritage.
A NEWFOUNDLAND dog who saved nine people from drowning, including two young sisters in Gower, Swansea, has been given a posthumous medal for bravery.
LEUKAEMIA survivor Tol Taylor, 10, and his newfoundland dog Ataya, right, raise funds for Bristol Children's Hospital, where he was treated.
There will also be a demonstration from Newfound Friends, a remarkable charity organisation which uses the unique swimming skills of the Newfoundland dog to train them as rescue dogs at sea.
com)-- What have in common Dusky - Newfoundland dog suffering from osteoarthritis of the hip and back pain, Snippina - hamster with an ear abscess, Stella - cat affected by eosinophilic granuloma syndrome and buccal lesions and Faustino - horse with an even more invasive back pain?
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