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Third, the coastal communities around Lower New York Bay, including
The New York Bay Expansion and Virginia Southside II Expansion projects add to our growing list of Transco projects that connect North America's abundant natural gas supplies to long-term demand growth from local distribution companies, industrial and power generation customers," said Rory Miller, senior vice president of Williams Partners' Atlantic-Gulf operating area.
Then there was the East River, which connected New York Bay and Long Island Sound.
Gorilla, Gimme, Brooklyn Roastery, Stumptown and Brewklyn Grind, Stone Street, and Unique, are all within a stone's throw from the Upper New York Bay, the Gawanus Canal or the East River.
Along with her life partner, Leisah Swenson, Byrne is living out her business and culinary dreams in Red Hook, Brooklyn, east of Liberty Island in Upper New York Bay.
My second card shows an unnamed ship of the Cunard Line entering the upper New York Bay.
Bob Wright, a Staten Island native and retired high school teacher, produced the CD Oyster Aristocracy (2009), a musical retrospective about New York Bay partially funded by the New York State Council on the Arts and the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs.
Countering this approach, they have proposed a series of "soft" infra-structural interventions for New York Bay that would absorb storm surges into a newly permeable city fabric.
Citing an effort to preserve the value of Downtown real estate, supporters announced a plan 87 years ago this month to develop a six-square-mile extension south of the Battery by filling in a swath of New York Bay.
New York City sits on a bight, a curve in the coastline that forms New York Bay.
He does most of his fishing now in New York Bay for stripers and fly fishes or for trout in the Catskills.
Even a 1/20th inch of rain can trigger a flood, and when any of the city's 14 sewage treatment plants is overwhelmed, the overflow--raw sewage--dumps into the Hudson River, the East River or the New York Bay.
Part of this work involves deepening the Kill Van Kull channel, which connects Upper New York Bay with Newark Bay, and serves as the main route for ships docking at the busy New Jersey harbors of Port Newark and Port Elizabeth.
The executives added that inserting is what distinguishes the Post plant on the Harlem River from the Daily News plant on Upper New York Bay.
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