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The immediate effect upon New York of the sudden onset of war was merely to intensify her normal vehemence.
In New York, for instance, the price had to be raised to $240, which lifted the telephone as high above the mass of the citizens as though it were a piano or a diamond sunburst.
In matters intellectual and artistic Newland Archer felt himself distinctly the superior of these chosen specimens of old New York gentility; he had probably read more, thought more, and even seen a good deal more of the world, than any other man of the number.
Otsego has now become one of the most populous districts of New York.
For the first time since her arrival in New York she felt almost easy in her mind.
Herman's roving disposition, and a desire to support himself independently of family assistance, soon led him to ship as cabin boy in a New York vessel bound for Liverpool.
In New York we all wear labels, stating our incomes and prospects in clear lettering.
he sent me a telegram at one o'clock this morning saying he'd be sure to meet us in New York.
The United States were the first in the field; and in New York they made preparations for an expedition destined to pursue this narwhal.
I am now alarmed lest this cursed breaking of our machinery may detain us so long that the Morrow will get to New York before us, and the poor girl will not know where to go.
Florida, Adirondacks, Lakewood, Hot Springs, New York, and round again.
When he was twenty-one years old Enoch went to New York City and was a city man for fifteen years.
With these he sailed from New York to London in 1784, disposed of them advantageously, made himself further acquainted with the course of the trade, and returned the same year to New York, with a view to settle in the United States.
Willie, the eighteen-year-old son, who attends the New York public school, is absorbed in the weekly article describing how to make over an old skirt, for he hopes to take a prize in sewing on graduation day.
It is a new doctor--a very famous doctor from New York, who--who knows a great deal about--about hurts like yours.