January 1

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Still, New Year's babies continued to be born throughout local hospitals into the rest of the day.
Among names of America's new year's babies was Petty Larceny - "This indicates a weakness on the part of the child's father" we judged - and Filthy McNasty, along with Seven Times Shalt Thou Walk Around Jericho, "Thou" for short.
Three New Year's babies were born in Mullingar Hospital, but none arrived close to the magical midnight honour.
Our Labor and Delivery staff members are excited to be able to welcome our New Year's babies with such a useful, warm and popular gift of Boppy Pillows," said Linda Kanamine, vice president of public affairs, marketing and government affairs for HealthONE.
Elsewhere in the region, Isadore Feldman, 25, and his fiancee, Jennifer Enochs, 22, of Lancaster, were rewarded with two New Year's babies.