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a film maker who follows New Wave ideas

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One time Rock Garden favourites, the Scottish new wavers have played a couple of Stockton gigs since reforming in earnest in recent times.
Familiar hits like "I Fought The Law," "Should I Stay Or Should I Go" and "Career Opportunities" were FM rock radio staples and should give Pinoy punks and new wavers from the '80s something to reminisce about.
Week two's big-hitters include psychotic hardcore outfit Bad Breeding, Liverpoolvia-London new wavers Pink Film and Spring King - the act Zane Lowe kicked off his Apple Beats 1 radio show.
Just like the time Irish New Wavers The Boomtoom Rats quietly drank pots of tea and halves of lager - they weren't draped over a trendy Dublin bar.
Also heading to the UAE will be South African New Wavers Dirty Skirts and Parlotones, The Courteeners, who are gearing up to release the follow up to their top 10 album St.
And the so-called punks and New Wavers were also keen to take the cash from the well-heeled for their private parties and celebrations.
Like those early new wavers', I too lack a long history, specifically in the role of being an editor for a journal.
While Emily Haines is best known as the frontwoman of Toronto's indie rocking new wavers Metric, she leaves her ballsy, danceable side behind when she gets behind the mic with The Soft Skeleton.
After all, Midge managed to find fame with pop band Slik, punk rockers The Rich Kids, new wavers Ultravox, new romantics Visage and as a solo star, not to mention being the brains behind the Band Aid charity.
Get yourself down to The Colosseum in Coventry tomorrow and meet Surferosa, fronted by a sexy pop vixen, backed by four dodgy looking Norwegian New Wavers who look they've they just come to fix the TV.
Fiercely independent, most of its roster was the second generation of new wavers fired up by the Sex Pistols.
But between the band's 1981 debut album and its live 1996 swan song, brainy new wavers and high school jazz-band geeks united around the world to build a cult following that made up in devotion what it lacked in size.
MB: When I was in high school, the skaters were kind of paired up with new wavers as far as girls.
There were new films by two old New Wavers, Jean--Luc Godard and Jacques Rivette, and an old film (Apocalypse Now) by a faded New Hollywood hero, Francis Ford Coppola.
And it was on MTV and a few radio stations that new wavers rode in from the fringes to the crashing record industry's rescue.
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