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a native of resident of New Jersey

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The poll released today reported that 62 percent of New Jerseyans think the pace at which our state is developing and adopting renewable alternatives is too slow.
New Jerseyans Matthew Stout and Joey Cappuccio have been living in San Jose, Costa Rica, for three weeks, and they only have left their apartment to get groceries.
Among them were nearly three dozen New Jerseyans, including some whose families live near the Libyan mansion.
Knowingly scheduling an election on a day of solemn religious observance is an insult to New Jerseyans everywhere who value the diversity of our state," Schaer said.
Soaring above the crowd, the distinctive powder blue and white blimp that has become a familiar and popular staple in the sky for New Jerseyans is marketing itself and the importance of health care across the Garden State.
These new rules will help save lives, clean our air and improve quality of life for New Jerseyans.
The New Jerseyans took home three; Curtis High School on Staten Island here, grabbed two; and Val Verde High School in Perris, Calif.
We must protect the Highlands to ensure economic stability and the health and well-being of New Jerseyans who get their water from the area.
No, New Jerseyans haven't been canvassing Muncie on Daniels' behalf.
In New Jersey, 16 men convicted of crimes ranging from rape to murder have been proven innocent and released, after serving a combined 300 years for crimes they did not commit, said Sandra Manning, chair of the nonprofit New Jerseyans for a Death Penalty Moratorium.
By a more than 3-to-1 margin New Jerseyans believe that signing a donor card should be the only approval required for the donation to occur--only 22% said they believe that the next of kin should have final approval.
Some New Jerseyans complain, however, that Whitman's anti sprawl spending--$100 million a year for 10 years to preserve a million acres--has come at the expense of new park facilities for the state's disadvantaged.
Frazier's teammates leaped on top of him as the crowd full of New Jerseyans celebrated wildly, then the players waved their hats during a victory lap.
HMS salutes their resilience and appreciates the opportunity to help New Jerseyans move forward.
While we've made some strides in insuring more New Jerseyans, 11.
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