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a native of resident of New Jersey

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Using published research, contemporaneous media accounts, and the NJEA's own publications to ascertain the facts, this study details the deliberate exploitation of New Jersey's political system and the resulting consequences--to the benefit of the NJEA and the detriment of New Jerseyans.
When you opt for the latest technological innovation, the biggest car, the smallest portable device, the most all-encompassing home entertainment system, not from any specific need but simply because you want the best, you yourself have become a New Jerseyan, even if you have never set foot in that state.
Unfortunately, Republicans were not interested in bipartisan compromise, to the detriment of New Jerseyans who will no longer be able to deduct all of their state and local taxes.
New Jerseyan Chris Smith, who opened the session, said his state's claim that with punitive welfare restrictions there were fewer teen births might be correct.
To quote fellow New Jerseyan, Yogi Berra 'It's hard to make a prediction, especially if it's about the future,' and this year, with so many uncertainties surrounding the national economy and the state's office market, the crystal ball seems a bit cloudy.
He was the only attorney among real estate professionals identified as a "Power Player" in Real Estate New Jersey magazine, was named a "Top 40 under 40" New Jerseyan in 2004 by NJBiz magazine, and was named a "New Jersey Super Lawyer" for the past few years by New Jersey Monthly magazine.
For far too long, New Jerseyans have been suffering the consequences of the government's failure to invest in our crumbling infrastructure, said Sen.
WASHINGTON - Many New Yorkers and New Jerseyans serving in Congress have, for nearly five years now, kept a list of names handy to roll out at a moment's notice.
Joseph Vitale (D-Middlesex) that would have, among other things, required reserves more than an unspecified benchmark to be used, in part, to benefit the health of New Jerseyans statewide.
However, O'Scalon did note that the bill was an important first step in cracking down on the state's opioid crisis, which led to the deaths of more than 1,600 New Jerseyans in 2015.
For some New Jerseyans, such as New Jersey residents with a New York City pied-a-terre, planning in recent years entailed strengthening New York ties and reducing New Jersey ties.
North-easterners, like New Yorkers, New Jerseyans, Marylanders, and Delawareans, know where Virginia is on the map, mainly because it is a whitetail Shangri-La.
The main ingredient, a processed meat product, is "pork roll" to most southern New Jerseyans and "Taylor Ham" to northerners, according to The Trentonian.
According to an analysis by WNYC's Data News Team, 89 percent of New Jerseyans live within a mile of a contaminated site.
Celeste is asking New Jerseyans to help her to stand strong for animals by contributing to the Mrs.
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