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Thus, the disaffection of Nevisians and Anguillans for Labour Party candidates was not apparent in 1952 when Labour or their sympathizers won easily in those three constituencies.
Nevisians were outraged, and when the British Administrator, H.A.C.
Ostensibly, the proposals constituted what Nevisians had sought for a decade and one-half prior to 1980, but of course with the formation of the coalition government the whole political map had changed.
An early consequence was a cabinet reshuffle with Simeon Daniel relegated from the Finance Ministry to Natural Resources and Environment, a demotion which he termed, "a slap in the eyes of Nevisians who put Simmonds into power in 1980 in the first place." (LARR-C 1984, 4)
But Nevisians insisted on a constitutional clause allowing them to break away.
But a powerful broadcast appeal last week by Mr Douglas, coupled with Mr Amory's insistence that the how-tos of secession could be negotiated after - not before - the vote, dissuaded many Nevisians from following through.
and second, one that recognizes the creative and positive possibilities of sexuality despite the seemingly overwhelming obstacles that Nevisian girls face" (p.
For Curtis, her study's aim is to "reveal both the activities of self-constitution and experimentation in which Nevisian girls engage as well as the constraints of a larger, dynamic cultural system, [because] what the girls' lives make clear is that to emphasize one without the other misses the point entirely" (p.
Through analyses of Nevisian girls' interests in cell phones, cars, expensive clothes, and other markers of consumption, she describes the relationship of eroticism to objects, goods, and services.