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a desert area in southern California and western Arizona

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The median days on the market for these homes are 125 days, yet Nevada Desert Realty was able to get their client's listing sold in just 50.
Michelle Rodriguez behind the wheel of the F-Type SVR in the Nevada Desert
13mph record when we compete in the Nevada desert in September.
NEVADA DESERT failed to win a race in 2010, but he has been running well of late and proved he can still be fully competitive at the age of 11 as he got up close home under Michael Stainton to take the 1m11/2f handicap from Kyle of Bute.
John Dear, a friend of Lynch and a former board member of the Nevada Desert Experience, an organization Lynch help found to protest nuclear weapons.
Black Rock Desert, hewn from a two-hour show in the Nevada Desert, is unlikely to change that, it is a prime example of dance music's 'you had to be there' vibe.
The National Geographic range includes two scents: Japan Tatami, inspired by the fresh and soothing scent of the Igusa grass, used to make Japanese tatami mats, and Nevada Desert Flower, a delicate fragrance inspired by the rare scent of a flower that only blooms after heavy winter rain.
San Diego has hosted the event for the past four years but the organising USA Sevens LLC has signed a Letter of Intent for a multiyear commitment with Las Vegas Events to stage the tournament at the Sam Boyd Stadium in the Nevada desert city.
Attendees at the yearly Burning Man festival in the Nevada desert erect a temporary city where partiers, performers, and artists mingle in numbers recently exceeding 40,000.
You just hope nobody decides to copy that stupid tosser who last month ignited the limbers of the Burning Man in the Nevada desert several days before it was scheduled to go up in ceremonial flames.
There has been no trace of the 63-year-old or the airplane he was piloting, since he took off from an airstrip at an isolated ranch in the Nevada desert on September 3.
Jackie Hewitt is leaving Walsall Council's community playbus for the US in June to trek more than 60 miles through the Nevada desert in aid of Acorns Children's Hospice.
She died of lung cancer twenty years after making The Conqueror, the ill-fated movie shot in 1954 in the Nevada desert near where the government was doing nuclear testing.
Without the Wicker forebear, it's doubtful that the annual Burning Man arts festival, currently unfolding in the Nevada desert, would take the form that it does today.
The mother-of-three left Fallon in Nevada as she cycles across the Nevada Desert along Highway 50, the route of the old pony express.
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