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Synonyms for syncope

a temporary loss of consciousness

Synonyms for syncope

a spontaneous loss of consciousness caused by insufficient blood to the brain

(phonology) the loss of sounds from within a word (as in 'fo'c'sle' for 'forecastle')

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The use of nitroglycerin among black and white patients with neurocardiogenic syncope was similar (51.3% vs.
If structural cardiac abnormalities and arrhythmias are excluded (as was the case with our patient), the potential diagnoses are narrowed to neurocardiogenic syncope and orthostatic hypotension--2 common causes of sudden-onset syncope with sudden recovery.
Tilt table testing has traditionally been used as an aid in establishing the diagnosis of neurocardiogenic syncope, and according to lead author Dr.
Central serotonergic responsiveness in neurocardiogenic syncope: a clomipramine test challenge.
Another aspect looked at the importance of cardiac pacing for vasovagal and neurocardiogenic syncope, as well as the usefulness of pacemaker therapy in some patients with muscular dystrophies.
Ackerman maintains that in the evaluation of syncope, "no training is necessary to be correct most of the time" in diagnosing the common vasovagal or neurocardiogenic syncope resulting from a sudden drop in heart rate and/or blood pressure.
Neurocardiogenic syncope is also implicated in the majority of exercise-related syncopal events, particularly those that occur after exercise(2).
Clarke's lorry careered out of control, after he experienced "neurocardiogenic syncope".