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Synonyms for navigator

Synonyms for navigator

a person engaged in sailing or working on a ship

Synonyms for navigator

the ship's officer in charge of navigation

the member of an aircrew who is responsible for the aircraft's course

in earlier times, a person who explored by ship

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In an earlier release, Netscape Communications Corporation announced Netscape Navigator Personal Edition, a new edition of the popular browser software that gives PC users one-button access to the Internet.
Available for Microsoft Windows, Apple Macintosh and X Window System environments, Netscape navigator 1.
Sun noted that Windows users can access applications written for the Java Programming Environment by using Netscape Navigator.
today announced that Netscape plans to deliver a 100% Pure Java version of Netscape Navigator client software by 1998, which will integrate Sun's HotJava technology.
In a separate announcement, Netscape and Sun unveiled plans for a 100% Pure Java version of Netscape Navigator in early 1998.
NOTE TO EDITORS: Netscape and Netscape Navigator are trademarks or registered trademarks of Netscape Communications Corporation.
The decision to broadly license Netscape Navigator -- including the new Netscape Navigator 4.
Browser and Web Server Independence: Applications deployed with VisualWave Server are compatible with most popular web browsers such as Netscape Navigator 3.
a recognized leader in cross-platform data management, announced today the availability of Tempus Connectivity Solutions' (TCS) Internet/Intranet File Manager (I2FM) for Netscape Navigator.
3, the leading Windows Zip utility, now lets users download and open Zip files from the Internet with one click via Microsoft's Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator.