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Synonyms for netherworld



Synonyms for netherworld

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Players will also be able to explore the Netherworlds and recruit high-ranking characters to their party.
Regardless of who is right, the episode has called attention to the little-known netherworlds of a popular computer-game genre known as "massively multiplayer online role playing games.
They only felt obliged to provide the servant with his final destination, the "repository" or dismal netherworld (Sumerian kur, Akkadian ershetu), from which there was no return.
Once the deceased's name was entered into written records of the dead by the goddess Geshtinana (or Akkadian Belet-sheri), he was to reside in the netherworld forever.
The netherworld was described by Enkidu in the Epic of Gilgamesh:
The gidim were so feared that Inanna (the Semitic Ishtar) threatened to smash the gates leading to kur as a form of blackmail when she wished to obtain passage to the netherworld.