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a group of islands in the Lesser Antilles just to the north of Venezuela that are administered by The Netherlands

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The Government of the Netherlands Antilles improved anti-trafficking law enforcement efforts during the reporting period.
While faltering economic conditions caused the Netherlands Antilles to experience high rates of migration by citizens to the Netherlands from 1998-2002, this trend has largely been reversed in recent years.
The Netherlands Antilles has a significant offshore financial sector with 229 trust service companies providing financial and administrative services to an international clientele, which includes offshore companies, mutual funds and international finance companies.
corporations to Netherlands Antilles corporations relating to debt issued before October 15, 1984, nor to payments covered by section 127 (g)(3) of the Tax Reform Act of 1984, relating to payments of interest by U.
The Central Bank reported that the economy of the Netherlands Antilles became somewhat stronger during 2006, backed by positive developments in the private and public sectors, led by the construction, wholesale and retail, and financial services sectors.
A draft amendment to the Netherlands Antilles penal code prohibiting trafficking for sexual exploitation and forced labor remained pending in the Antillean Parliament during the reporting period.
Netherlands Antilles Protocol to 1948 Netherlands treaty as extended to the Netherlands Antilles signed Oct.
To get hitched in paradise, visitors must be at least 21 years old and must make a written request to the island's lieutenant governor for a temporary tourist permit, submit birth certificates, divorce papers (for those who've been married before) and valid return tickets to their country of origin or to anywhere else outside the Netherlands Antilles.
com/research/0f86a7/caribbean_countrie) has announced the addition of the "Caribbean Countries - Netherlands Antilles to US Virgin Islands" report to their offering.
The Parliament of the Netherlands Antilles voted to amend the document that controls its relations with the Kingdom of the Netherlands, reports Global News (Aug.
The Netherlands Antilles, where the Netherlands exercises responsibility over visa issuance according to guidelines issued by the Netherlands Antilles, continued to be a concern as a transit region and destination for illegal migrants, some of whom may have been trafficked.
The parent corporation loaned funds to the Netherlands Antilles corporation, which in turn loaned the funds to the U.
One of the largest independent terminal and petroleum liquids pipeline operators in the nation, the partnership has operations in the United States, the Netherlands Antilles, Canada, Mexico, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom.
The Netherlands Antilles and Mexico have signed a tax agreement which spells out a framework to exchange information on tax matters in order to prevent fraud, financing of terrorism and money laundering, reports Caribbean Net News (Sept.
The old treaty was extended to the Netherlands Antilles in 1955.
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