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The Netherlandic and Scandinavian Transition in Canada: A Sociological and Literary Perspective.
Canadian Journal of Netherlandic Studies / Revue Canadienne d'Etudes Neerlandaises 17.
Janus at the Millennium contains a selection of papers presented at the tenth Interdisciplinary Conference For Netherlandic Studies held at the University of California at Berkeley in 2000.
Although the Walloon or French literary community of Belgium primarily looks toward Paris, the Netherlandic speakers of Flanders defiantly assert their independence from the Dutch, whose language is essentially the same.
Further, geographical variation plays a role, especially in the case of Dutch, where the differences between Netherlandic and Belgian Dutch seem to be striking with regard to the use of discourse particles.
The emphasis has varied from time to time, but at present Germanic is defined as including Scandinavian, Netherlandic and Yiddish, and the board includes by statute one member from each of these three areas.
In what we have discerned so far about women's academic employment subsequent to the doctorate, it was instructive to learn that a number of them held full-time appointments outside the field of German: not only in Women's Studies or Comparative Literature, but also in English, Jewish Studies, Hebrew, French, Netherlandic Studies, Scandinavian, Slavic, and Spanish.
1998 The Netherlandic Presence in Ontario: Pillars, Class and Dutch Ethnicity
Also of value is his examination of the adherents of the Reformed Church at Antwerp as a part of the network of the Netherlandic exile churches and international Calvinism.
It is based on the downfall of a historical Count Egmont (1522 - 68) who was executed in connection with the Netherlandic revolt against Spain.
Marrow relates that during the crowning with thorns, "the majority of Netherlandic Passion tracts report that the thorns pierced Christ's eyes, or at least His eyelids or brows.
Power and the city in the Netherlandic world; proceedings.
Once her individuality and originality were understood, she received recognition in the form of several highly prestigious literary prizes, the most recent being the Prijs der Nederlandse Letteren (Prize for Netherlandic Literature), presented to her in 1992 by Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands.