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In the case of the New Netherlanders and the indigenous populations, especially in the 1650s, a failure to achieve contact and intimacy based on trust resulted in a presence of violence never entirely absent during the years from earliest contact to 1664 when the English displaced the Dutch.
In 1538 reports came of Netherlander Melchiorites conducting weddings in their homes.
In the same context, Nijssen and Dauglas (2003) explored to what extent the Dutch express hostile feelings towards Germans as a result of the invasion of the Netherlanders in May of 1940, where more than 200,000 Dutch civilians were killed during the occupation.
Mike McCusker, managing director of social enterprise Fresh Horizons, which runs the Chestnut Centre, said: "The generous Netherlanders had read about the damage and decided to have a whip round to help.
Yet their extensive water and land routes gave the Esopus greater mobility than their Dutch counterparts and connected them with the greater Munsee world as the Atlantic Ocean connected New Netherlanders with the greater Dutch world.
Bosma's emphasis, as the subtitle of his book explains, is on 'stories about Netherlanders who went to the Indies' (or 'Indies-goers').
I never say that New Netherlanders were inflamed with a passion for religious toleration, nor do I put van der Donck forward as a banner-waver of tolerance.
Though generally avert to excess, Netherlanders celebrated the birth of a child, the New Year, the purchase of a house, the departure or return of a family member, the wedding or funeral of a friend with a sumptuous feast, tinged with the tastes of India and the Spice Islands and washed down with the best wines from Spain, Italy, and France.
But the problems and quarrels between competing commercial and public enterprises, and between the New Netherlanders and the Dutch government in Europe proved untenable.
For three years our government has licked the Americans; the result is that the Americans support the Netherlanders (Cheers).
Waterloo scholar Haythornthwaite writes on the national armies at Waterloo, the French and British as well as the Hanoverians, the Brunswickers, Netherlanders, and Prussians.
338), and instead of the 'schones Beispiel burgerlicher Starke' we were promised in the introduction to the Abfall der Niederlande, the Netherlanders here present a picture of confusion and factional squabbling.
As the Netherlanders missed the penalty that sealed their defeat, Mr Yacht leapt to his feet and delivered a 15-second barrage of bellowing, arm-flailing, vein-bulging Continental venom, very much in the direction of his orange-shirted taunters.
In the 1580s the work was also translated into Dutch and served as propaganda against the Spaniards to urge the beleaguered Netherlanders to "consider with what enemie they are to deale" ("To the Reader," 2).