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a follower of Nestorius

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In light of these Confucian tenets, it stands to reason that Nestorian missionaries warranted less criticism during the Tang [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] dynasty (618-906) than did the Catholic missionaries of the Yuan [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] (1260-1368), Ming, and Qing, due in large part to their different iconographic traditions.
No central doctrines have been challenged by the majority of the faithful as in the Arian, Pelagian or Nestorian crises when even bishops abandoned orthodoxy wholesale.
Nestorian theological views, which emphasized Christ's humanity over his divinity, were condemned by church councils in 431 and 451.
It first came via Asia Minor and Persia in 635, brought by Nestorian monks.
245-399) consists of translations of sixteen letters and treatises from the Nestorian controversy: twelve of Cyril, one of Nestorius, letters of Athanasius and Gregory of Nazianzus which Cyril used or appealed to in formulating his Christology, and an extract from the acts of the Council of Ephesus reporting the examination of Nestorius' opinions and his condemnation.
Khaqani's father was a carpenter and a Muslim, and his mother was of Nestorian Christian origin.
Islam, Nestorian Christianity, and Zoroastrianism (see Zoroaster ) entered China at this time.
Among the topics are the Paradise story and its exegesis in the Arabic Apocalypse of Peter, `Ammar al-Basri on the alleged corruption of the gospels, and a Nestorian Arabic Pentateuch used in western Islamic lands.
By the sixth or seventh century we know that some Nestorian Christians reached Xian, the ancient capital of China.
Albert on the grouping of books in the Nestorian canon of the Old Testament, R.
Some contributors who are not sensitive to shifts in vocabulary in the light of recent consensus statements and official dialogues continue to use problematic descriptions such as Nestorian, Jacobite, Monophysite, and so on, that are now considered misleading.
Scholars of Sinology, Central Asian studies, theology, Church history, linguistics, and archeology present 31 contributions exploring jingjiao, Luminous Religion, which is what Nestorian Christianity was called in Tang China.
Stewart, Harvard 1973), variously upholding the Catholic Faith, Augustinian concepts of the Trinity, Chalcedonian Christology against Nestorian heresy, and the notion that God's goodness makes all things inherently good.
4 million for design and construction for the Nestorian Church of Beijing.