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(Greek mythology) a wise old counselor to the Greeks at Troy

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They cut out the thigh bones all in due course, wrapped them round in two layers of fat, and set some pieces of raw meat on the top of them; then Nestor laid them upon the wood fire and poured wine over them, while the young men stood near him with five-pronged spits in their hands.
As soon as they had had had enough to eat and drink Nestor said, "Sons, put Telemachus's horses to the chariot that he may start at once.
Barely surviving on unemployment, clutching a graduate degree that seems useless, the narrator had hoped that the Nestor Dunn project would be his big break.
Ossinovski said that in all of his roles Nestor has been a convinced champion of human values and a friendly society.
Nestor Kamanza explained, "The hard part was our trip to the Tanzania border.
Incidentally, all four players had figured in last year's final, although with different partners: Zimonjic was with Nestor and the Indo-Pak Express had been enjoying the best time of their careers together on the ATP World Tour.
Intrigued by the resilience of the human body--on one breath, divers reach depths of 300 feet or more and return to the surface (although, as Nestor discovers to his chagrin, often with devastating consequences)--he goes in search of scientists on the cutting edge of marine exploration.
EUCAP Nestor said the EUCAP Nestor Country Office in the Seychelles has positioned itself as a major provider of capacity-building for local agencies working with maritime security.
When the child died, Nestor, on the other hand, could probably have killed himself by drinking a pipe cleaner, police said.
Nestor 1994), but the exact correlation between the chitinozoan and graptolite biozones is still partly obscure.
The pair, who claimed the Wimbledon doubles title in the summer, took the opening set via a tie-break, but were overwhelmed in the second, as Mirnyi, a mixed doubles gold medalist from London 2012, and Nestor, an 80-time doubles champion, fought back.
According to Ekandjo, the Nestor Sunshine Boxing Academy has done extremely well for themselves thus proving them worthy of the handsome donation.
About that time she hired Nestor, who became a trusted friend.
Nestor Judkins: Have you been listening to "Perfect Man" all day, in honor of the passing of Macho Man Randy Savage?
The second-seeded Nestor and Mirnyi saved three break points in the first set to force a tiebreaker.