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a large aquatic animal supposed to resemble a serpent or plesiosaur of Loch Ness in Scotland

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Dr Knight said she and Sam do not think Nessie is a longnecked dinosaur, but possibly a giant eel or sturgeon.
The full-size version of Nessie, at 220m x 120m, could handle the largest North Sea structures, while a 60m x 60m version would handle the smaller structures, commonly located in the southern North Sea, in a single lift.
Maybe the days of seeing each other every day were numbered, but Nessie would not be counting.
But the recent images have given hope to the amateur Nessie hunters.
Just as your point-andshoot camera will reduce redeye and automatically adjust focus and exposure for improved photos, Nessie enhances audio so that you get a polished finished product--instantly.
And then the first photos of Nessie arrived, a succession of humps above the water, taken by Hugh Gray, a "highly respected local resident on his way home from church".
Designed to take on the fiercest of players, Nessie offers bassists the highest quality craftsmanship, with a woods selection from several domestic or exotic varieties, thus allowing Martinson Bass customers the ability to truly create their own one of a kind bass.
SPLASHING ABOUT: From left, Millie Corbett, Glynis Benison and Lynn Hindmarch have fun with Nessie the dragon.
The Runcorn-based Nessie Club helps vulnerable young people who are in care, have run away from home or are young carers themselves.
They are intrigued by the similarity of descriptions between the way an elephant swims and some sightings of Nessie.
PREDICT: Pretend you area scientist who is investigating the claim that a monster named Nessie lives in Loch Ness, a lake in Scotland.
NESSIE fans are being driven mad by a car ad showing the monster as a vicious, man-eating beast.
Attacks were a concern since the swimming portion of the race took place in Urquhart Bay on the western part of Loch Ness where many Nessie sightings have occurred.
Invoking tales of the Lambton Worm, Nessie and Woodland Giants, our gardens will undoubtedly capture the imagination of our very special, younger audience.