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the Teutonic goddess of fertility


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In addition to the proposals presented in the notice, Nerthus Investments has informed the company that it also proposes the election of Henrik Hammarskiold as a new member of the board.
He is the lead researcher of the research project Nerthus, which deals with the linguistic analysis and lexicography of Old English.
(6) We have followed the conventions of the lexical database Nerthus regarding homophones with different lexical or morphological features, which are numbered, as in awiht 1 (noun) 'something', awiht 2 (adverb) 'at all' and awiht 3 (adjective) 'of value'.
The comparison of the two lexicographical sources yields a figure of 4,825 Old English adjectives listed by Nerthus that are not included in the The Oxford English Dictionary.
"Broagh" and "Nerthus." See Wintering Out 31-32 for
(52) Traces of goddess-worship, as in the mysterious, cult of Nerthus, suggest prehistoric, prominence of sacral women.
The best footnote to this poem is a passage in The Bog People where Glob describes the figure of Nerthus, who was once depicted on bronze amulets as a naked woman, the primitive Danish personification of Mother Earth, a fertility goddess like the Middle Eastern Ishtar or Astarte or the Greek Aphrodite, to whom sacrifices were made in ancient vegetation rites in order to renew natural fertility.
Journal and editor of Nerthus, its philosophy supplement.
By analysing the rules and operations that produce the 3,356 adjectives which the lexical database of Old English Nerthus ( turns out as affixal derivatives, a total of fourteen derivational functions have been identified.
The data of analysis have been retrieved from the lexical database of Old English Nerthus (, which is based mainly on Clark Hall's (1996) A Concise Anglo-Saxon Dictionaryand Supplement.
The evidence gathered in this research has been retrieved from the lexical database of Old English Nerthus (
Given this aim, the data retrieved from the lexical database of Old English Nerthus ( comprise 6,073 affixed (prefixed and suffixed) derivatives, including 3,008 nouns, 1,961 adjectives, 974 adverbs and 130 verbs.