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Roman Emperor notorious for his monstrous vice and fantastic luxury (was said to have started a fire that destroyed much of Rome in 64) but the Roman Empire remained prosperous during his rule (37-68)

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if the man that murdered Mr Derby was now present!" manifesting in this a more seared and callous conscience than even Nero himself; of whom we are told by Suetonius, "that the consciousness of his guilt, after the death of his mother, became immediately intolerable, and so continued; nor could all the congratulations of the soldiers, of the senate, and the people, allay the horrors of his conscience."
Antoninus be ascribed to Nero, or should the worst incidents of Nero's life be imputed to Antoninus, what would be more shocking to belief than either instance?
Nero must have been one of the wretchedest of mankind."
Caligula or Nero, those treasure-seekers, those desirers of the impossible, would have accorded to the poor wretch, in exchange for his wealth, the liberty he so earnestly prayed for.
"Nero fiddling o'er burning Rome," the assassination of Caesar, the stirring spectacle of a hundred thousand people bending forward with rapt interest, in the coliseum, to see two skillful gladiators hacking away each others' lives, a tiger springing upon a kneeling martyr--these and a thousand other matters which we read of with a living interest, must be sought for only in books--not among the rubbish left by the old masters--who are no more, I have the satisfaction of informing the public.
I plead guilty to the weakness of Nero. Suffering and death are things of joy to me.
His mum Fiona Conaghan, 52, said: "Stuart died about 1.15pm and Nero 15 minutes later.
The couple also had another dog, Nala, four, and Amelia - the puppy of Nala and Nero.
A years-long graft probe revealed he received bribes in exchange for awarding broadcast contracts at major tournaments, including the Copa America.The original investigation found Del Nero had also violated rules governing conflicts of interest, loyalty, and general conduct.
Nero was an ancient Roman emperor who lived between 37 ADa68 AD.
The team also highlights the fact that Nero was not created to promote the but as a tribute to the late war hero via a fictional storyline.
Nero's senior ministers were many and various, but notably they included a number of powerful women, such as his mother, Agrippina II, and his second and third wives, Poppaea Sabina and Statilia Messalina.
That means Costa accounts for 61 per cent of the total share, Starbucks 23 per cent and Nero 16 per cent.
The deal sees Caffe Nero, the largest independent coffee house group in Europe, taking a 70% equity stake.
"It is a fantastic brand with an emphasis on great coffee and service combined with a local community-based feel which matches perfectly the ethos of the Caffe Nero Group.