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German physicist and chemist who formulated the third law of thermodynamics (1864-1941)

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El electrodo selectivo presento un valor experimental de la pendiente Nernstiana de 56,63 mV/decada, leidas entre la concentracion de CMT de 1,00x[10.sup.-3] -1,00x[10.sup.-2] M, demostrando el buen funcionamiento del electrodo selectivo al presentar poca desviacion del valor teorico aceptado experimentalmente de 56,00 mV/decada segun lo establecido en la ecuacion de Nernst.
The Nernst equation links the equilibrium of an electrode, Ee, to its standard potential, E0, and the concentrations or pressures of the reacting components at a given temperature.
However this phenomenon does not hold to an infinite increase in salt concentration, as the concentration increases to some point the extraction efficiency decreases which lowers the enrichment factor, and this may be due to an increase in viscosity of the solution which may lower the mass transfer rate and/or the change in physical properties of the Nernst diffusion layer [16, 21].
ORP is a thermodynamic parameter and, because of the complicated nature of biological systems, it is not appropriate to simply use the thermodynamic conditions of the Nernst equation to calculate ORP.
The main interactions are determined by the Nernst equations (1) and (2) and by the solvatation potential (3).
The energy consumed by a neuron can be measured by the joule heat transformed from electric potential energy, so that we can calculate this energy consumption from membrane potential, Nernst potential, and ion current.
The Nernst equation [DELTA]V = RT/zF ln([]/[c.sub.out]) defines the equilibrium between the ion concentration gradient and voltage across the membrane.
Furthermore, the combination of the thermoelectric effect termed the "Anomalous Nernst Effect,"(4) appearing due to the ferromagnetic properties added to the cobalt alloys and the spin Seebeck effect, have improved the thermoelectric conversion efficiency by more than 10 times.
In 1916, Nernst proposed that the universe might actually contain ubiquitous zeropoint field without any presence of external electromagnetic sources [12, 13].
O fenomeno e baseado em um processo controlado pela transferencia de carga e transporte de massa, neste caso para sistemas quase-reversiveis, onde a equacao de Nernst e parcialmente obedecida [14].
The produced voltage inside the cell (E) known as Nernst's instantaneous voltage may be expressed as follows:
Under the general law of Debye-Huckel, the relation between ion activity and electric potential, following Nernst's model, was employed to determine the coefficient of activity of [K.sup.+] after appropriate corrections of the thermal effect and electrical current, according to the Equation (1)
Mitochondrial membrane potential (MMP) in millivolts was calculated based on the Nernst equation [14] as follows: