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(Akkadian) god ruling with his consort Ereshkigal the world of the dead

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9) Albright believed that Nergal's totem was a predatory bird; in fact, Nergal was represented by a lion-headed staff.
When asked about Behemoth expanding somewhat becoming mainstream, Nergal said that for growth it is important and it is one the "main driving forces" of Behemoth.
He begins to suspect the serial killer's reason for impaling his victims has nothing to do with Vlad Tepes but is connected to a stolen Babylonian seal and the god Nergal, guardian of the underworld.
En el ano once de Sedecias, el cuarto mes, el nueve del mes, se abrio una brecha en la ciudad, y entraron todos los jefes del rey de Babilonia y se instalaron en la Puerta Central: Nergal Sareser, Samgar Nebo, Sar Sekim, jefe superior, Nergal Sareser, alto funcionario y todos los demas jefes del rey de Babilonia [.
La tradicion se remonta hasta la mitologia de la religion babilonica: Nergal es leon alado; Marduk, toro alado; Nabu, hombre; y Ninurta, aguila.
Among specific topics are African Bushman mythology, the European dragon slayer, Hermes, Persian magi, Nergal from Sumaria and Babylon, tail types, tale types, and William Tell.
As Leon Bloy aptly pointed out, these figures are self-projections of their author: 'C'est toujours le meme jeune Dieu, protagoniste multiforme de ses creations, qu'il se nomme Merodack, Nebo ou Nergal, c'est-a-dire Peladan lui-meme.
In that era the constellation represented the war god Nergal, so Sagittarius's military roots run deep.
To the Babylonians - the ancient inhabitants of modern-day Iraq - he was Nergal, the God of Death.
Nergal, the Babylonian war god, claimed the planet Mars.
En el espacio cosmico inferior esta el inframundo, el lugar de los muertos, del no-retorno, tambien ahi hay jerarquias, sus dos deidades principales son Ereshkigal (hermana de Inanna) y su esposo Nergal, que vivian en un palacio, acompanados de deidades que cayeron en desgracia, los anunnaki que emiten su juicio sobre los muertos.
Los de Babilonia hicieron a Sucot-benot, los de Cuta hicieron a Nergal, y los de Hamat hicieron a Asima (17).
observation: Mars was observed as early as 400 BC by the Babylonians, who named it Nergal, the great hero.
Frequently depicted with Nergal, the god of the afterlife, the griffin helped to control the border between life and death.
Nergal, the ancient Babylonian god of death and king of the netherworld, has resurfaced in a desert in southern Iraq, and archaeologists are delighted.