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(Greek mythology) any of the 50 sea nymphs who were daughters of the sea god Nereus

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Most of the 49 PCR-positive macroinvertebrates were polychaetes, including spionid, nereid, capitelid, and orbiniid worms (33 of 226 worm samples, 3.0%); however, a variety of other organisms including amphipods, isopods, and gastropods also yielded the Haplosporidium nelsoni PCR product (Table 5).
Nereid Under Ice, or NUI, operates both as a free-swimming autonomous vehicle and as a remotely operated vehicle connected by a hair-thin optical fiber tether to a ship at the surface.
It was foretold by the Fates that the Nereid Thetis would give birth to a son much stronger than his father.
YESTERDAY'S SOLUTION: dementi; dene; denier; denim; dent; DETERMINE; diene; dine; diner; dint; emend; endite; enter; entered; entire; entree; ermine; ermined; erne; inert; inter; mend; mender; mien; mind; minder; mine; mined; miner; mint; minted; minter; need; needier; neem; nerd; nereid; nerite; nide; nitre; rein; reined; remind; rend; rent; rented; rind; teen; teenier; tein; tend; tender; tendre; tern; terne; tinder; tine; tined; treen; trend; triene; trine.
By contrast Fontaine, introduced as the wood nymph emerging hesitantly as a fawn from her natural element, is metamorphosed by her function as Max's savior into the sea monster's opposite, the Nereid, sea nymphs who provide aid to distressed sailors.
Shorebird diet and size selection of nereid polychaetes in South Carolina coastal diked wetlands.
In the chapter devoted to the painting, "The Nereid's Guard," Ruskin, citing Hesiod's account, explores the meaning and implications of the Hesperides story as understood by the ancient Greeks.
Nereid, Neptune's third largest moon was found in 1949.
When Caeser was murdered in 44BC, Cleopatra went to meet the new ruler, Mark Anthony, with silver oars, purple sails and Nereid handmaids, with her erotes fanning her.
The sale's opening session on Monday was spearheaded by the $1.3m sale of Nereid to Lane Seliger for Baumann Stables.
His mother, Thetis, an immortal Nereid, implores Zeus to give the advantage in battle to the Trojans until the Greeks see they cannot do without Achilles and do right by him.
Many years ago, she had been a member of the Nereid Swimming Club at the YWCA.
Moreover, the uniquely close association between Thetis and Neoptolemos in the Delphic hymn in Heliodoros, absent in Philostratos, is found also in Quintus, where the Nereid's pride in her grandson is frequently recounted.