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(Roman mythology) god of the sea

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a giant planet with a ring of ice particles

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It is the first exoplanet of its kind to have been found in the Neptunian Desert.
Researchers believe that the newly discovered planet may have moved into the Neptunian Desert recently.
[Wynter] insists on reinventing the foundational building blocks of the human at the juncture of the culture and biology feedback loop." (14) The connections Wynter makes among knowledge, biocentrism, biopolitics, and human life make the spatial and anatamo-politics of heterotopias more explicit, as one might imagine how Delany's Triton, while seemingly toggling between the body--Bron's transition--and society--the Neptunian moon of Triton--opens up further speculation at the level of genre.
The moon, designated S/2004 N 1, is estimated to be no more than 12 miles across, making it the smallest known moon in the Neptunian system.
It would appear so, given Melville's descriptions of Ahab's inner world and the sharp contrasts he creates between two most important protagonists: Ahab, who "is all will" (like a new Neptunian Prometheus of the sea), and Ishmael, who "is all rumination" (Kazin 1991: 28), the two forming thus a couple similar in contrast to Milton's L 'Allegro and Il Penseroso, symbolizing willful action versus meditative reflection.
She describes how it became a town, the role of the Santa Fe Railroad in its development, early land sales and growth, the arrival of the trolley, the Neptunian Women's Club, the arrival of schools and the fire department, early contributions by women, the involvement of the Manhattan Beach Development Company, the establishment of businesses, oil drilling, the town during the Depression and World War II, postwar expansion, federal projects, roads, the murder of Reid Russell, the William Haines case, architectural aspects, sports and civic groups, the new city hall, the Strand, the development of Manhattan Village and other projects, parks, and historical preservation efforts.
The strongest winds in the solar system are Saturnian and Neptunian, saturnine and oceanic.
If you're unhappy in a relationship, the influence of the Neptunian influenced Full Moon can have a telling impact.
In Newport, I found a vacancy near the front door of the Hatfield Marine Science Center, which contained a Neptunian world inhabited by Deriq the giant Pacific octopus, candy-colored sea anemone and sea stars, and a wolf eel that refused its lunch during the public feeding.
Initially built in 1949 as a refuge from politics and religion, Rapture had thousands living in its Neptunian splendour.
I AM looking for relatives of Frank Cuthbert who was lost at sea in September 7, 1940, while serving on board the SS Neptunian, as a cabin boy.
If your partner is from Neptune and only speaks Neptunian, they could be telling you they love you all day long but, unless you understand Neptunian, you won't understand a darn thing they're saying.
In Bearded Clam, 1997, a disarmingly tacky Neptunian realm contains two women making love inside a gaping mollusk; in one view it's a crude visual pun, in another an affecting, erotic fantasyscape.
Faust, by contrast, wants to found a durable Neptunian empire on land reclaimed from the sea, though Goethe's deep social and political scepticism makes even this undertaking impossible (FA, I, VII/2, 652-53).
If confirmed, the findings would bring to 11 the planet's retinue and would be the first Neptunian moons found since Voyager 2 flew past the planet in 1989 and the first discovered with ground-based telescopes since 1949.