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(Roman mythology) god of the sea

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a giant planet with a ring of ice particles

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They also bring up material that could be found deeper in Neptune's atmosphere.
Earlier this year, Fletcher published a study that describes even higher abundances of carbon monoxide in Neptune's atmosphere, measured by the Japanese infrared mission AKARI2.
Scientists believe -- may be raining down in Neptune's atmosphere.
For example, project scientists now think the solar system's fastest winds may whip through Neptune's atmosphere. Voyager 2 had discovered several large features, such as the Great Dark Spot, a counterclockwise storm about the size of Earth.
The storm system, which is almost as large as Earth, could be caused by "a huge, high-pressure, dark vortex system anchored deep in Neptune's atmosphere," according to a statement issued by the observatory.
Two features in Neptune's atmosphere, Karkoschka discovered, stand out in that they rotate about five times more steadily than even Saturn's hexagon, the most regularly rotating feature known on any of the gas giants.