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(Roman mythology) god of the sea

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a giant planet with a ring of ice particles

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Neptune was exceedingly angry that his grandson Amphimachus should have fallen; he therefore went to the tents and ships of the Achaeans to urge the Danaans still further, and to devise evil for the Trojans.
To this Neptune lord of the earthquake made answer, "Idomeneus, may he never return from Troy, but remain here for dogs to batten upon, who is this day wilfully slack in fighting.
Neptune on the other hand went about among the Argives to incite them, having come up from the grey sea in secret, for he was grieved at seeing them vanquished by the Trojans, and was furiously angry with Jove.
Then fell Alcathous son of noble Aesyetes; he was son-in-law to Anchises, having married his eldest daughter Hippodameia, who was the darling of her father and mother, and excelled all her generation in beauty, accomplishments, and understanding, wherefore the bravest man in all Troy had taken her to wife--him did Neptune lay low by the hand of Idomeneus, blinding his bright eyes and binding his strong limbs in fetters so that he could neither go back nor to one side, but stood stock still like pillar or lofty tree when Idomeneus struck him with a spear in the middle of his chest.
The Trojans came about him on every side and struck his broad and gleaming shield, but could not wound his body, for Neptune stood guard over the son of Nestor, though the darts fell thickly round him.
As he was thus aiming among the crowd, he was seen by Adamas, son of Asius, who rushed towards him and struck him with a spear in the middle of his shield, but Neptune made its point without effect, for he grudged him the life of Antilochus.
But Hector had not yet heard, and did not know that the Argives were making havoc of his men on the left wing of the battle, where the Achaeans ere long would have triumphed over them, so vigorously did Neptune cheer them on and help them.
The agreement increases Neptune's existing interest in the Bramberge, Meppen and Annaveen oilfields, located in the Emsland region and in various gas fields in the Grafschaft Bentheim region, adding approximately 600 barrels of oil equivalent (boe) of daily net production to Neptune's production in Germany - an increase of around five per cent.
Pyze and Neptune Software have developed an easy to deploy integration that enables Neptune Software customers to measure user and product analytics, conduct AI-based segmentation and deliver multi-channel notifications across all app platforms.
Neptune acquired SugarLeaf on a debt-free basis for initial consideration at closing of USD 18m, paid as USD 12m in cash and USD 6m in common shares.
Bayliss said similar planets have not been discovered and it came as a surprise to the astronomers: "We thought that was because a planet about the size of Neptune, this close to the host star would get evaporated." 
Neptune Flood, an all-digital online flood insurance company, has expanded its coverage to residents of Missouri, Colorado, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, West Virginia, and Indiana - bringing the total number of states with access to its flood protection to 27.
Neptune Flood is expanding its digital flood insurance coverage to six new states.
For weekly readings call 09036 5820 01 (75p/min + access charge) JANUARY 21 - FEBRUARY 19 AQUARIUS The Sun is challenged by Mars on Monday and Neptune in Pisces around midweek.
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