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" Vikky's father, Abdul Majid Siddiqui alias Majid Manihar, is a major ISI operative in Nepal. The arrest of both is the key to clamping down on the FICN smuggling to India.
Only the Indian Ambassador(s) have the exclusive rights in Nepal to move freely without seeking the 'required and the needed' permission from Nepal's foreign Ministry.
Nepal has been a prime target of the Indian deep state stratagem to make it a client state after subduing Bhutan and the Maldives.
The (Nepal) government's plans to strengthen infrastructure "will definitely contribute" to the Visit Nepal 2020 initiative, he noted.
Delivering her speech, H E Sarmila elucidated the importance of investment in Nepal to achieve the national motto of 'Prosperous Nepal and Happy Nepali'.
The Nepal Army has made a plan to complete construction of houses in three phases.
Pakistani investors have entered into joint ventures with their Nepali counterparts in textile, hotels and banking in Nepal. Nepal and Pakistan have great potential of bilateral trade.
Ambassador said that Nepal is holding this Investment Summit to share its potential with the world and Pakistani businessmen.
The ambassador said that 60 years of relations between Nepal and Pakistan were being completed on the 20th of March and Nepal had planned to celebrate this event.
'Nepal has been producing good quality big cardamoms which are being exported to numerous countries.
The ambassador also spoke about the various other activities of the Embassy of Nepal. She extended her best wishes to His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said for his health, happiness and wellbeing, as well as continued peace, prosperity and harmony for the people of the Sultanate.
Twelve years had passed since the Last tea festival--the first one took place in 2001--but Nepal's 3rd International Tea Festival held in April certainly made up for the long time-span between events to highlight Nepal Tea.
One of the common denominator between Nepal and Pakistan relations is their commonality of having the dependency of their relations with the regional and international actors based on their geostrategic importance.
The United States recognized Nepal in 1947, and the two countries established diplomatic relations in 1948.