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a system of philosophical and theological doctrines composed of elements of Platonism and Aristotelianism and oriental mysticism

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Al Kindi, who was interested in Plato, Aristotle and various Neoplatonist writers, prodded Abu MaaACAyshar to delve into mathematics to gain a skill that would add value to his life.
In these poems Marullus descends systematically through the various hierarchies of being, presenting a universe in which Lucretius is as present as Plato and the Neoplatonists.
Respect for and grasp of the history of apophasis, especially in the later Neoplatonists and some Christians, might offer a way for critiquing the dominant European forms of philosophy that have become so prominent in literary and cultural studies in the academy in the United States.
As is well known, the interest of Neoplatonists in this maybe experimental, in Plato's intention, dialogue was largely confined to the first of altogether nine hypotheses (Klibansky 1929:9-10), where it is argued that if the One exists as an absolute, it can be neither in a place nor in movement, it can be neither a part nor a whole etc.
Granted, Hudson considers it a mistake on a principled level to rate Cusanus as either a Platonist or a Neoplatonist (76).
Chapter 1 surveys the varied understandings of ritual efficacy put forth by Porphyry and Iamblichus, and examines how both Neoplatonists and Christian authors such as Dionysius the Areopagite and Augustine mapped such understandings onto the categories "theurgy" and "magic.
The first main chapter, 'The Esoteric Tradition in Literature', plots a progression from Roman mystery cults, through Golden Agemystics and Neoplatonists, German Romantics, French symbolists and decadents, and finally to the surrealists, who, according to Nicholson, like the earlier poets, in their writings sought the sacred, although in human consciousness, not in nature.
After all, as Peter Marinelli reminds us, Ariosto was closely associated with such Neoplatonists as lecturers Sebastiano dell'Aquila, Gregorio da Spoleto, and Celio Calcagnini, writers Pietro Bembo, Mario Equicola, and Baldessar Castiglione and artists like Raphael and Titian.
For the Neoplatonists as well, the limitations of metaphysical
2) Yet the Neoplatonists of Late Antiquity were plunged in discursivity.
There were no Neoplatonists before Plotinus, unless Ammonius was one, but for 250 years after Plotinus almost all Western philosophers were Neoplatonists.
141, where more needs to be said about the Platonist history of asunchutos henosis), and at times he follows older and erroneous views -- especially those of Dodds -- about the `magic' of the later Neoplatonists.
10) From a strict point of view, one particularly defended by Platonists and Neoplatonists, medicine and architecture were too mixed up in the practice of everyday life to qualify as a "science founded on reasoning," which, according to them, required a certain distancing from the world of sensation.
It was constantly being modified and systematized, most significantly by the pagan Greek philosophers of the early Christian era known as the Neoplatonists.
The first section sets the Platonic scene, and picks out certain Platonic themes as influential with the Neoplatonists and then, both directly and through them, on later literature.