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an adherent of Neoplatonism

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Borrowing from the Neoplatonists, this philosophy incorporated religious doctrines and probably orbited three analogous levels: "the divine (the sphere of light), the ethereal (the eight celestial spheres), and the hylic (the sublunar core in which matter is involved in constant process of change)".
To get a better grasp of how the Platonic One, a kind of centripetal point without any extension, gives in the interpretation of Aristotle a way to the extensional but, nonetheless, unitary aspect of the things, we have to take notice of one more Neoplatonist development rooted actually in Plato's theory.
Furthermore, out of the Neoplatonists Cusanus knew quite well, Proclus in his Timaeus commentary takes pains to demonstrate the goodness of the created world as a whole, all the way down to its final and most diffuse elements.
Dante, in these diverse circles, becomes "patriotic emblem, politically committed citizen, moralist, philosopher, theologian, Neoplatonist, and prophet" (1).
Ably translated from the original French by Michael Chase, Studies On The Neoplatonist Hierocles by Ilsetraut Hadot is an informed and informative treatise on the neoplatonist Hierocles who lived in the fifth century A.
This view is not far removed from ideas found in Western philosophers such as Spinoza (1678/1976), and the neoplatonist Greek philosopher, Plotinus (O'Brien, 1975).
First, the medieval monasteries practiced inherited spiritual exercises without an accompanying and integral philosophic discourse, using the Neoplatonist amalgam of Plato and Aristotle as an "independent" discourse in their theological debates.
1) For the Neoplatonist philosopher, discursive thinking does not yield knowledge.
In the sixth century, the Neoplatonist Boethius, who was to produce a Latin version of Nicomachus' Introduction to Arithmetic, translated tessares methodoi in Latin by quadruvium, the quadruple way, a term that would later be transformed into quadrivium.
Brian Arkins surveys with exemplary clarity Yeats's lifelong engagement with Platonism, and especially with the Neoplatonist Plotinus.
For even should one be inclined to regard Heidegger's view of Plato as a caricature, certainly no one fulfilled that picture better than the Neoplatonist, and above all, the al-Farabi we have come to know through Richard Walzer's Alfarabi's Perfect State (1985), where his celebrated scheme of emanation of all things from "the First" in consummate cosmic order offers the manifest pattern for a well-constructed human polity.
Additional Neoplatonist and illuminationist elements were easily incorporated by later scholars.
As with Franz Kafka, that is perfectly consonant with the God of a cabala more gnostic than Neoplatonist.
Heidegger's own earlier interest in ontology gradually devolved into a celebration of the spontaneous manifestation of Being as veiled in the contours of a historical epoch, superficially similar to process philosophy as seen from the standpoint of the Neoplatonist doctrine of the emanation of Being from a hidden source.
Some invited essays, but mostly papers from a 2012 conference in Istanbul to mark the 1600th anniversary of his birth there, examine Neoplatonist philosopher Proclus (412-85 CE) from the perspectives of background, relevance, and system; pseudo-Dionysius, Byzantium, and the Christian inheritance of Proclus; and Proclus in Arabic philosophy and early modernity.