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a system of philosophical and theological doctrines composed of elements of Platonism and Aristotelianism and oriental mysticism

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The Catholic monarchs Ferdinand and Isabel welcomed Ficino and his Neoplatonism, and students and scholars at the universities of Salamanca and Alcala de Henares embraced Ficinian studies over the next centuries.
Pontynen's elaboration of Neoplatonism is meant to show why it is that for human rationality to be well ordered it must be responsive to a normatively authoritative reality, the understanding of which perfects human beings both intellectually and practically.
r At the Cardif r f f confern enc r e, topics as divers v e asa Neoplatonism and Modern Art, Philosophy and Prayer, Pr hilosophy asa Way W of Life and Plotinus, Einstein and the Universe will be discussed.
admits that Augustine was influenced by Neoplatonism directly through his reading of the Libri Platonicorum and indirectly through the preaching of Ambrose and the writings of Victorinus.
The Neoplatonism of lamblichus (University Park: Pennsylvania State University Press, 1995), 110-11, 179-88.
In other words, not before Christianity and Neoplatonism (Plotinus), was infinity assigned in the Greek mind a significant cognitive value, let alone elevating it to the position of highest perfection.
The reason this matters is that Hudson uses Neoplatonism as a foil, defining Cusanus' thought against what she thinks it is not.
Thus, as the meanings of key terms (such as fable or allegory) change across various discourses, they also tend to change within Chevrolet's text, thereby recreating the interpretive slipperiness that she seeks to contain; and in her kaleidoscopic analysis of the many aspects of Neoplatonism and Aristotelian poetic theory in particular texts and contexts, we sometimes lose sight of the overall narrative arc, both historical and critical.
Probably inspired by Maurice Sceve, the Rymes take a variety of forms and show the influence of, among other things, Neoplatonism, Petrarchism, medieval love debates, and even coq-a-l'ane.
His books and editions include The Neoplatonism of William Blake, Thomas Taylor the Platonist (with Kathleen Raine), Yeats's Golden Dawn, Yeats and the Occult, A Critical Edition of Yeat's "A Vision" (1925), Letters to W.
Neoplatonism was a central point of debate in the Medici circle, of which Botticelli was a part.
2): for example, the ways in which the Reformation represented a reaction to the Renaissance, an understanding of Neoplatonism and Kabbalah as responses to specific human needs, and, finally, an appreciation of the religious aspects of the "querrelle des femmes.
Morewedge regards Ibn Sina as an example of Islamic mysticism; see his "The Neoplatonic Structure of Some Islamic Mystical Doctrines;" in Neoplatonism and Islamic Thought, ed.
He resorts to the ideas of neoplatonism which provided him with the latitude of inclusion: "[T]he philosophical instinct in the Italian Renaissance was to synthesize thought systems, to find a common, universal philosophy that encompasses a broad range of human thought" (Hooker 1996:1).