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a system of philosophical and theological doctrines composed of elements of Platonism and Aristotelianism and oriental mysticism

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The Catholic monarchs Ferdinand and Isabel welcomed Ficino and his Neoplatonism, and students and scholars at the universities of Salamanca and Alcala de Henares embraced Ficinian studies over the next centuries.
Pontynen's elaboration of Neoplatonism is meant to show why it is that for human rationality to be well ordered it must be responsive to a normatively authoritative reality, the understanding of which perfects human beings both intellectually and practically.
In a second volume, Gersh continues his exploring the possibility of Neoplatonism's future enrichment by an encounter with the deconstruction of French philosopher Jacques Derrida (1930-2004).
r At the Cardif r f f confern enc r e, topics as divers v e asa Neoplatonism and Modern Art, Philosophy and Prayer, Pr hilosophy asa Way W of Life and Plotinus, Einstein and the Universe will be discussed.
G.'s volume argues that Augustine's doctrine of the Trinity in the Cassiciacum dialogues is pro-Nicene at its core, and his appropriation of the Plotinian triads is largely the result of his pro-Nicene education in the faith of the Milanese church, which had already absorbed a good deal of Neoplatonism. G.
Just a simple last of his chapters reveals the depth and scope of this volume: (1) Panentheism, The Other God of the Philosophers; (2) Plato through Christian Neoplatonism; (3) Pantheism and Panentheism from Renaissance to Romanticism; (4) Schelling and Hegel; (5) Nineteenth-Century Panentheism; (6) Teilhard's Christocentric Panentheism; (7) Process Theology; (8) Tillch's Existentialism; (9) Twentieth Century Diversity; Moltmann; Pannenberg; Liberation and Ecological Theologies; (10) Panentheism in Theological Cosmology; and finally, (11) Why Cooper is not a Panentheist.
Lewis's review of Neoplatonism in the Poetry of Spenser (1960) drew attention not only to Professor Ellrodt's careful scholarship, but also to his remarkable command of English.
The Neoplatonism of lamblichus (University Park: Pennsylvania State University Press, 1995), 110-11, 179-88.
In other words, not before Christianity and Neoplatonism (Plotinus), was infinity assigned in the Greek mind a significant cognitive value, let alone elevating it to the position of highest perfection.
The reason this matters is that Hudson uses Neoplatonism as a foil, defining Cusanus' thought against what she thinks it is not.
The "mental thing" that is art as we understand it originated with the early Renaissance revival of Neoplatonism; traversing history, it kindled a wide range of practices and ideas.
Probably inspired by Maurice Sceve, the Rymes take a variety of forms and show the influence of, among other things, Neoplatonism, Petrarchism, medieval love debates, and even coq-a-l'ane.
Not only masculinities, but also subjectivity, Neoplatonism, humanistic relativism, skepticism, and dynastic crisis are explored in this collection.
His books and editions include The Neoplatonism of William Blake, Thomas Taylor the Platonist (with Kathleen Raine), Yeats's Golden Dawn, Yeats and the Occult, A Critical Edition of Yeat's "A Vision" (1925), Letters to W.