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a system of philosophical and theological doctrines composed of elements of Platonism and Aristotelianism and oriental mysticism

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However, while a more neoplatonic approach to the course of philosophy in Islam is now rather well established, it would seem churlish to criticise the author for excessively caricaturising the purely Aristotelian sense of philosophy in the falsafa tradition.
They cover religion, philosophy, divine inspiration, and religious piety in the pre-Platonic and Platonic traditions; religion and philosophy in the Platonic and Neoplatonic traditions; and comparative Jewish, Christian, Islamic, and Hindu perspectives.
The confer f ence also includes a publu ic lecturt e on Wednesday, y June 12, on The Neoplatonic Aristotle between Alexandria and Baghdad - the story of how ancient Greek philosophy made it into the Islamic world.
In Farabian metaphysics, therefore, "the concept of Neoplatonic emanation replaced that of Quranic creation ex nihilo".
sees the Neoplatonic influence as limited to Augustine's ways of conceiving the Father and the Son, and admits that Augustine's obvious enthusiasm for Neoplatonism at the time was somewhat naive.
All these points of similarity can be attributed to a common Neoplatonic influence, with Augustine borrowing heavily from Porphyry and Boethius from Proclus.
Two sections of essays explore religion along the western and eastern frontiers of the later Roman Empire; other sections consider literary frontiers between the classical and post-classical, Neoplatonic negotiations of boundaries between the profane and sacred, and the limits of ecclesiastical and secular power.
When Christian theologians incorporated Neoplatonic philosophy and its discourse on the inexpressible, this apophatic discourse had to deal with the Creator God who exists in intimate relation with the world (13).
3) At the same time, he changes medieval hierarchies by discussing Christian, Neoplatonic, and courtly love theories side by side.
The break with the essentialist bias was with the Nominalists who, with their commitment to the untrammeled freedom of God, pushed a volunteerism that Neoplatonic thinking inherent in Thomism could not accommodate.
Liana de Girolami Cheney ("Francesco Colonna's Hypnerotomachia Poliphili: A Garden of Neoplatonic Love") describes the parallel traced by Colonna between the mythical love of Venus and Adonis and the Neoplatonic love of Poliphilo and Polia, relating it to Ficino's theories of love and music, and to his Neoplatonic reading of the hieroglyphs.
Unfortunately, Hudson's book suffers from a blind spot that threatens to undercut the results she achieves: the Neoplatonic strand in Cusanus is given altogether insufficient attention.
The solution proposed reaches both forward and backward: forward to what many contemporary thinkers are calling a panentheistic view of the world as being "within" God and backward to classical Christian sources emphasizing a Neoplatonic understanding of time as the moving image of eternity, and the world as the unfolding of a once-for-all but yet perennially active God.
George Chapman's Ouids Banquet of Sence represents an original exegesis of a Neoplatonic eroticism.
For convenience, these two lines of theorized Romanticism will be referred to in terms of the worldview that underwrites each: the Neoplatonic (non-ironic) as against the Schlegelian (ironic).