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a system of philosophical and theological doctrines composed of elements of Platonism and Aristotelianism and oriental mysticism

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The utility of the Neoplatonic framework for Wagner's cosmologizing purposes may be appreciated when we contemplate the syncretistic capabilities of this philosophy.
Perhaps the most unsatisfactory feature of Hart's work is the suggestion that the Neoplatonic conception of nature was essentially connected with the culture of the court, and that once the power of the king was removed, countervailing forces also eliminated Neoplatonism and magic, which of course is very much the opposite of the truth, as indicated by the brilliant study by Ann Geneva.
As long as he is using it as a mere reference point for the study of philosophies that depart from it, this does not cause a problem, and he is able to develop wonderful insights into the development of Neoplatonic thought among Muslims.
Scholars initiated into the mysteries of hypostases and combinatrics, scholastic theology, and Neoplatonic metaphysics will find it essential.
Claude La Charite explains the borrowing of verse from LPA in Marie de Romieu's "La Messagere d'Amour"; contrapuntal aesthetics parody Neoplatonic orthodoxy via crafty paratextual effects.
The second argues that The Faerie Queene can be read as a testament of Neoplatonic philosophy, showing how the forms of a fallen but not hopelessly corrupt nature manifest themselves in human culture.
She draws examples from Neoplatonic ideas as well as New Testament paradoxes, Augustine and Boethius, dialectic, allegory and irony.
It is as if this sort of programmatic ratiocination were equivalent to the grand tradition of the Tuscan Renaissance, which saw drawing, understood as the original embodiment of a Neoplatonic idea, as the basis for every other artistic activity.
The spirits, according to More, were part of a Neoplatonic world of entities created by God.
And without actually explaining just how he had moved out of Manicheism into Academic scepticism, thence moving into Neoplatonism and on from there to a Neoplatonic version of Christianity which was also a Christianised Neoplatonism, the work allows some reasonable conjectures about this crucial process in his mental career.
She has put in verse all its possible aspects: an undefined longing (Las estrellas vencidas, 1964); erotic love (Eros, 1981), idealized Neoplatonic adoration (Kampa, 1986), and the affirmation of natural right based on ancient rites (Creciente fertil, 1989).
He also wrote a Neoplatonic commentary in two books on Cicero's "Somnium Scipionis" ("Scipio's Dream") from the De republica.
Among their topics are Aristotle's dynamic vision of nature: a neo-Aristotelian perspective on contemporary science, Aristotle on life-bearing pneuma and god as begetter of the cosmos, the relevance of Aristotle's views of ethics and medicine to bioethics, aesthetic judgement according to Aristotle's Politics, and Aristotle's conception of ??s?a in the medieval Christian tradition: some Neoplatonic reflections.
Despite its intrinsic interest as an original synthesis of Arabic Neoplatonic, pseudo-Empedoclean, and Neoaristotelian metaphysics, and notwithstanding its importance for the study of medieval Jewish philosophy and Latin scholasticism, FV has not been available until now in a reliable English translation.
Spyra's analysis emphasises the relevance of the Neoplatonic basis underlying Augustinian sign-theory to understanding the Pearl-Poets attitude towards language, and the literary techniques he employs.