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a lamp consisting of a small gas-discharge tube containing neon at low pressure

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One of the first sword swallowing daredevils to try glass neon tubes instead died of cancer caused by long-term exposure to the chemicals used inside them.
Much like neon tubes, backlights produce the light for nearly all TFT-LCD televisions, laptops and PDAs.
He began to work with neon tubes in 1963 and the artist Dan Graham--a friend and exact contemporary of Flavin--recalls the neon going back to the hardware shop after exhibitions in the mid 60s (at one of which someone trod on a floor-mounted example).
Others have more Anglo-Saxon words in the title like FDestiny, featuring a mattress and neon tubes, both regular features in her work.
What was once "Cockayne" to our peasant ancestors living in the forested glades of the old Cleveland - the time when work in the fields could be abandoned for a few days to make way for drinking, feasting and story telling - has become a high octane commercial festival for the makers of neon tubes, electronic gizmos and random electronic noise inspired from across the Atlantic.
There's a momentary riot/as all the others try it/soon all the snakes, like neon tubes, ignite.
While incandescent lights and neon tubes are susceptible to damage from vibrations and shocks that can result in lamps that don't work and shards of broken glass, the robust solid-state construction of LEDs makes them practically unbreakable and able to endure the grind of everyday use.
CONCEPT: A parking garage that glows at night with more than a mile of neon tubes in soft pastel colors.
Set inside the glass wall, 140 slim neon tubes in hues of vivid blue and chartreuse flash to generate a constantly changing pattern of twinkling vertical lines, solids and voids.
One of the stars of the touring freak circus show,Circus of Horrors,Wasp Boy swallows neon tubes and hangs heavy weights from his pierced nipples and tongue.
There is the Wasp Boy with the 16-inch waist, who swallows swords and neon tubes, has a six-inch nail driven through his tongue, hangs 60lb weights from his nipple rings before inserting a lighted neon tube in the place, where, as they say: 'the sun don't shine'.
Street Glow, makers of Skate-Neon accent kits, say their new neon tubes are just the things to promote safe skating at night.
Gone are crucifixes, instead we will all be carrying around neon tubes to ward off evil.
Alluma Tech's low mercury neon tubes now have 60% to 80% less mercury than conventional neon tubes.
Also on view were Black You, 2010, composed of various furnishing elements (a mattress, table, chair, and blanket, all in leather); Straps & Mirror, 2010, consisting of a black grid of studded straps made from the same material, placed against a wall consisting of six mirror modules supported by a structure of metal pipes; and Luminous Blind Protection, 2013, a group of neon tubes supported by a metal chain hanging from the ceiling.