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a lamp consisting of a small gas-discharge tube containing neon at low pressure

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Use an understanding of the properties of matter to make a model of a neon light and explain how it works.
In the second stage, the neon light bundles have been sorted according to color and hung neatly on the wall.
Working from the final sections of the Qu'ran, Dawood presents an interdisciplinary installation comprised of paintings, neon lights and tumble weeds, which call into question the convergence of design, formalism and mysticism.
Very easy to set up and use, with a neon light that changes from blue to red as the kettle heats.
Event designers New Atmosphere brought in faux neon light strings mixed with votive candles that were evocative of a film noir movie set, and experimental film footage by Bleushift Studio played on one of the walls.
The pyramid lamp sells at pounds 29.99 the blob lamp at pounds 17.99 and the sculpture neon light at pounds 29.99.
With an adequate supply of neon, argon, krypton, and xenon, and with researchers certain to find additional practical applications, our future relationship with the noble gases seems as bright as the glow of a neon light.n
A neon light reading "It was all a dream" would be perfect for dark contemporary bedrooms needing a bit of colour to brighten them up.
Light up your home with this cool neon light. Sunnylife large flamingo neon light PS57, This fun tropical triptych will transform any room.
8-9), you read about how David Ablon designs neon light sculptures.
Our guitar-shaped timepiece features a full-colour reproduction of an electric guitar framed with a cool blue neon light that blinks on and off and a clock with guitar-pick shaped hour markers.
The neon light associated with the affected outlet indicates the power failure.
has introduced several new lamps and storage products using its unconventional method of producing the appearance of neon light without neon gas.
True to its name, the tour makes use of neon lights and the concert-goers can use their phones by downloading the Demi Lovato Official app, and flashes of light can be then seen from their phones, as the song "Neon Light" plays, as ( reported by the Billboard.