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latest part of the Stone Age beginning about 10,000 BC in the Middle East (but later elsewhere)

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Burnt soil associated with cooking, post holes and a large concentration of pits were found, as were stone tools and small shards of pottery dating to the Neolithic or late Stone Age period, 4,000-2,000 BC.
But as the excavation of prehistoric ditches proceeded, the expert team from Cardiff University was shocked as volunteers unearthed a plethora of early Neolithic finds.
Milk and cheese are good sources of protein and provided Neolithic farmers with food, without needing to slaughter the animals for the meat.
Major prehistoric human population expansions in three continents may have begun before the Neolithic period -- around 15-11,000 years ago in Africa, from around 13,000 years ago in Europe and around 12-8,000 years ago in the Americas.
of Groningen, the Netherlands), assisted by a group of students, provides a monograph on the Early Neolithic perforated wedges found in the Netherlands.
He said the Neolithic village flourished for half a millennium, from 4,500 to 4,000 BC It is a gem of information regarding the heritage of Cyprus, he said because the Neolithic villagers had the unusual custom of deliberately burying many of their possessions inside their houses with when they needed to build new ones, instead of just taking them with them.
The stone axes were important in chopping trees down in the neolithic period.
Orkney county archaeologist Julie Gibson said: "These skeletons could tell us so much about Neolithic people - not only in relation to their deaths, but their lives.
Vases, bowls and food products were often put in tombs made in the late Neolithic period.
The Early Neolithic on the Great Hungarian Plain: investigations of the Koros culture site of Ecsegfalva 23, County Bekes (Varia Archaeologica Hungarica XXI).
The specialist aims to conduct various analyzes based on advanced technologies of the remains of wild and domesticated animals found in Neolithic monuments in the territory of Azerbaijan.
Members of the French mission at the conference pointed out that they had found a tomb dating back to the Neolithic era in Sharbathat, as well as stone tools around the tomb.
The remains of at least 10 adults, adolescents and children were placed in the cave-like structure over the course of 1,200 years in the Neolithic era.
AMMAN, Jan 18 (KUNA) -- Ain Ghazal is a Pre-pottery Neolithic archaeological site located in metropolitan Amman, Jordan.
A MAJOR excavation, which uncovered the first Neolithic settlement site of its kind in Wales, has been shortlisted for a prestigious award.