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She was cursed by oppressive neocolonization, by revolutions gone bad.
In this process there create "contradictory forces of neocolonization and resistance, global homogenisation and new local hybrid forms and identities," (Yu, 1998).
There is a silent consensus among strategic-policywallahs in much of the post-colonial world that nuclear weapons are the only guarantee of independence in the age of neocolonization.
However, as Hitchcott shows, "literary incorporation denies cultural difference and suggests a neocolonization of postcolonial writing by publishers in France" (17).
On the other hand, this historical reference to the Conquest could also be viewed as a critique of colonization and neocolonization and the centuries--the sixteenth and twentieth respectively--in which Latin America arguably experienced their most profound transformations from outside forces.
In the chapter stating its conclusions, the Niyogi Committee reveals suspicions of a grand scheme of Western neocolonization using missionary personnel, money, and conversions.
They point out that "culture is an especially complex and contested terrain today as global cultures permeate local ones and new configurations emerge that synthesize both poles, providing contradictory forces of neocolonization and resistance, global homogenization and new local hybrid forms and identities" (8; their emphasis).
In a world dominated by powerful imperialists and multinational corporations with enormous strength and global reach, any third world country taking the capitalist road is taking a road that leads to neocolonization.
Her repetition of the stereotypical colonial practices of the Portuguese, and her use of a terminology designed to tap a nostalgic vein, may be interpreted to conceal the actual forces behind Angola's neocolonization.
The enslavement of Muslims has manifested itself in decades of Christian and Jewish occupation, colonization and neocolonization of Muslim "plantations" (countries rich in resources and strategic value).
268) (10) is as yet a discursive and ideological fiction, for how can "multiculturalism" truly work when neocolonization and global capitalism is rampant?
176) Others have bolstered this claim with cultural critiques--that human rights are instruments of neocolonization that the West uses to impose its values on the rest, even toxic compounds that are exported abroad to breed cultural conflict, social instability, religious warfare and, thus, dependence on the West.
It would take more than a brief review to problematize the paradigm of postcoloniality in general, but one can ask why, living in Manhattan and not having to deal daily with the facts of life in India today - where, after all, global neocolonization is not permitting a truly postcolonial decolonizing phase, publicly or privately, to emerge - Meena Alexander should adopt the poco name for her primary persona and esthetic.