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control by a powerful country of its former colonies (or other less developed countries) by economic pressures

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For example, the dominant state gives economic and military aid to its neo-colony for the ostensible purpose of compensating the bureaucratic compradors, who manage the affairs of the state.
The maturation of Haitian leadership, particularly following the occupation era, fits the neo-colony model.
171); multi-party democracy and Sukarno's decision to shift to (the oxymoronic) "guided democracy"; interventionist economic policies designed to end Indonesia's apparent status as a neo-colony which bankrupted the country; Soeharto's emergence from the shadows to crush the Indonesian communist movement and other opponents to achieve his unifying (possibly assimilationist) vision; Soeharto's heavy hand against secessionist movements in East Timor, Aceh and Papua and the discrimination against autochthonous peoples and ethnic Chinese; and, finally, Indonesia's transition to democratic governance.
The colony, Canada, has no more than moved in formal terms from colony to nation, when Innis sees the dark side of it being turned, back, into a neo-colony.
Malcolm Caldwell, "From 'Emergency' to 'Independence' 1948-57," In Mohamed Amin and Malcolm Caldwell (Eds), Malaya: The Making of a Neo-Colony (Nottingham: Spokesman, 1977), especially pp.
This is a dangerous situation, in which some Syrians with legitimate grievances may be seduced into seeking support from the West, which in the long run could lead to reducing Syria to a neo-colony of the Western powers.
was determined to make Haiti a virtual neo-colony within its sphere of influence, invading and occupying this nation in 1915 and remaining there until 1934.
di Tiro, Indonesia as a Model Neo-Colony (Sumatra, 1984).