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control by a powerful country of its former colonies (or other less developed countries) by economic pressures

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Our land, farms, businesses, our strategic and scenic assets, our offshore islands--let alone our housing stock--are all being swallowed up, targeted by this damaging form of neo-colonialism basically assuming a gradual, but increasing over lordship over our territory.
They said that neo-colonialism is now attempting to undermine Syria by exporting terrorists to it, but these plots will be foiled by the rallying of the Syrians around their army.
President Al-Bashir has appreciated the firm stance adopted by the African countries concerning the so-called International Criminal Court which is regarded by the African leaders as a mechanism of neo-colonialism.
European scholars of English literature discuss such matters as correspondences between Polanski's and Nazar's screen versions of Shakespeare's Macbeth, enactments of neo-colonialism in The Hungry Earth by Maishe Maponya and Ubu and the Truth Commission by Jane Taylor, introducing the metaphysical concept of metaphor on the basis of Old Irish poetry, and Stefan Themerson as a Polish artist and an English writer.
At a first glance, pictures of black people carrying white peoples' suitcases don't look good and conjures up images of neo-colonialism and racism, but this is not the case - the asylum seekers want to do this," a council spokesman said.
Careful to avoid a misreading that may suggest that not "writing back" to an imperial center entails an acceptance of Euro-American neo-colonialism, the author axiomatically states that African literature is "first and foremost about self-perception" (p.
As long as all stakeholders benefit and communities aren't exploited, I would argue that this form of neo-colonialism is a good thing.
By 1950 Washington gradually began filling the vacuum left by the gradual withdrawal of the European colonial powers from Asia and laid the foundation for what the Left called neo-colonialism or having 'independent' governments serving U.
He further said "there is indeed neo-colonialism in Africa, but absolutely not from China.
In response to a question on neo-colonialism, Hong said that "there is
Arab experience of Western imperialism and neo-colonialism in the 20th Century precludes our active participation in their democratic development.
He begins with the New Testament (Paul) and then travels through the council of Nicea (language of "co-equality"), the early medieval period (Anselm), the missions that accompanied the discovery of the "New World" (Las Casas), nineteenth-century imperialism (Schleiermacher), neo-colonialism (Aulen), and the late twentieth-century interest in the "cosmic Christ" (Matthew Fox).
Their appearance was aired in May last year, when they performed the uplifting and emotional Chen Nan Ren - a song denouncing neo-colonialism and colonialism while conveying the celebratory feeling of resistance that harks back to the freedom songs of the '60s circa Martin Luther King and the struggle for racial equality in the USA.
Commenting on remarks that Turkey pursued "neo-Ottoman" policies, Davutoglu said that "just as France's invitation to Turkey to attend an international meeting on Lebanon in Paris does not mean neo-colonialism for France, Turkey's interest in Lebanon did not imply a "neo-Ottoman" policy".