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revival of a classical style (in art or literature or architecture or music) but from a new perspective or with a new motivation

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When the neo-classicist states that the arts are imitative, he reduces practically to nil the role of the spontaneous, of the unexpected, of the original, as well as the sense of mystery (the one so vividly invoked by Einstein), of wonder, of awe.
Their structure largely differs from that of the neo-classicist dramas; the slow, "illogic", epic nature of Calvinist drama is to be explained with their different aspect of drama and stage.
Neo-classicist monumentality was summoned, of course (hello, Masheck
Why did he, in his later verse, become something false--"a pedagogic neo-classicist," a writer of "the kind of large-scale, objective, architectonic verse-constructions which he himself had no real gift for," grandiose epics that defied the despairing confusions of the age with "a chin-forward missionary striving"?
More important, in temperament he was often a neo-classicist.
Jan Novak, Martinu's most distinguished pupil, was the neo-Classicist of the group, with a charming passion for (and virtuoso command of) Latin, the language of his later vocal works.
Meanwhile, practical experience showed how the key neo-classicist concepts of mimesis and taste could host different interpretations and thus prove amenable to subversion and flexibility in a pluralist direction (159-236).
Although contrary to the valedictory spirit of the conference, the study of "how labor markets work" would have been better served had there been a live neo-classicist to present the other side of the argument.
149 (1925), is a purely Neo-Classicist work, whose first and final movements are imbued with a playful Mozartean wit, while the slow middle movement also contains romanticising tones.
Its long-neglected assortment of neo-baroque, neo-renaissance, neo-classicist and art-deco buildings are being lovingly restored.
While Martha Mayer Erlebacher has certainly studied the history of art, and has looked hard at the rich tradition of allegorical painting, she is neither a neo-Classicist nor a rigid adherent of any theory of contemporary narrative painting.
Musicology deems Pone primarily a creator of incidental music and a composer who did not stand out and in the interwar period joined the predominant trend of Neo-Classicist music.
The grandfather, Jacob Christian Jacobsen (1811-1887), amassed sculptures by his contemporary and compatriot Bertel Thorwaldsen, a Neo-Classicist akin to John Flaxman in Attic dexterity, but lacking Flaxman's sharpness and tightness of design.
This is one of the reasons why the rather Neo-Classicist Maurice Ravel and Albert Roussel were more popular among composers and music journalists than Claude Debussy.