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characteristic of a revival of an earlier classical style


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Equal parts screwball comedy and neo-classic Greek tragedy, "Fallen Arches" is yet another riff on the mob.
Typical of the favoured architectural style are the stuccoed facades and neo-classic porticoed porches plus tidy front steps and masses of decorative wrought ironwork - all features of Clarence Mansions.
Apparently, his compositional tastes have grown from neo-classic style (Although he dislikes the label.) of Stravinsky (fostered by Boulanger) to the new music style of Milton Babbit.
Why He's Powerful: Massenburg runs a division of Universal Music Group (UMG) and is responsible for signing an award-winning state of "neo-classic soul" artists.
The grant has also ensured that this fine Grade II neo-classic style building has been preserved and continues to form an important visual contribution to Merthyr Tydfil's town centre.
MAGNIFICENT NEO-CLASSIC VILLA and guest pavilion meticulously renovated, offering the utmost in uncompromising elegant design, unsurpassed quality and attention to detail.
As he says, the story ``repudiates the assumption, implicit in Greek, Elizabethan and neo-classic drama that suffering is the sombre privilege of those in high places.
This was replaced in 1831 with a Neo-Classic theatre on a site opposite the beautiful city hall.
Bryon Ruesselet, an architectural conservator with Evergreene Painting Studio of New York City (show here), recently uncovered a mural of neo-classic motifs, with Roman figures and decorative elements, under layers of paint on the theater's ceiling.
Many believe the stately, tree-lined Lange Voorhout, with neo-classic, gothic and baroque style buildings, is one of the most beautiful spots in The Hague.
Appan started his writing while Malayalam literature was slowly transiting from neo-classic socialist realism to modernism.
New seats, carpeting and railings were added, and the building's neo-classic exterior was spruced up.
'Each jewel created in the Neo-Classic design tradition guarantees to put its wearer in the limelight.
Born in Durham, 1751, Sheraton was an artist and a neo-classic English furniture designer.